The Six Dragons Receive Its Biggest Update So Far

The Six Dragons Receive Its Biggest Update So Far

The Six Dragons, an open-world RPG inspired by some of the most iconic titles of the past two decades, has received its biggest update yet. The current update features some fixed issues the gameplay was suffering from, some new additions, and of course, some updated features. 

The Six Dragons is a F2P P2E single-player fantasy open-world RPG currently in early access for PC. The game features a 256 km2-long vibrant world with limitless adventures, epic fights, and the freedom to do anything you want.

In detail, the update consists of the following:

Fixed Features

1. Quest and Main Menu HUDs overlapping each other.

2. Camera going inside walls 

3. Weather changes across the world

4. Character controller fixes

5. Several UI and gameplay fixes

New Additions

1. Villages: The villages of the world of TSD are now fully updated and redesigned. 

2. Fishing & Fishing Quest: You can now find 8 ports near the villages of TSD (You can locate them easily in the minimap by looking for the anchor icon). Finish the Fishing Quest in order to acquire the necessary tools to start fishing.

3. Weapon & Armor Durability: Starting from this update, all the OC weapons and armor will have a maximum durability of 10. This will decrease based on the hits the player makes to kill mobs, and based on the hits they get from mobs. BC weapons

and armor do not have durability and cannot be damaged. Converting an item to BC will “immortalize” it and it will never be able to get destroyed. If an item reaches 0 durability, it will be automatically unequipped from your player and will not be able to be equipped again until it’s

successfully repaired. The rate at which the durability of a weapon/armor piece decreases is based on several factors, such as the lv of the weapon/armor and the lv of the mob. 

4. Repair toolkit (OC & BC): In order to repair your weapon/armor and restore its durability to maximum, you will need a Repair Toolkit (Weapon/Armor). There are 6 Lvs of these toolkits, depending on the Level of the item you wish to repair. Click on it in your inventory in order to start the repair 

process. You can use BC or OC Repair toolkits to repair your item. Each Repair toolkit can be used only once. OC Repair toolkits can be converted to BC through the OC <-> BC trader.

5. Blacksmith quest: There is a new Blacksmith quest found in Aligren, which will guide the players on how to craft their first weapon.

6. Email Verification: New players will now need to verify their email after signing for a new account in the game. The verification email will be sent to the email the player uses upon registration and will be valid for 24 hours, after which it will

expire and the player will need to register again. Make sure you also check your Spam folder in case you do not receive the email upon registering to the game. Existing players do not need to take any action, as their accounts are already automatically verified.

7. Durability Notification: When an item reaches it’s 50% of its maximum durability, as well as its 10% threshold, you will receive notifications in order to be able to repair it on time.

Updated Features

1. Character controller enhanced

2. Cooking: You can now cook more materials in the campfires found in each village. New recipes will give you new buffs.

3. New game tutorial is now updated to guide the player through their first quest and reaching Aligren.

4. Music & sounds: New mob sounds and music added in the world

5. World vegetation and design enriched with new additions

6. Abilities & skill icons: New custom designed icons added for all the abilities and skills used in-game

7. Several performance updates

8. Several security and risk updates