Playboy Partners with The Sandbox for Exciting Virtual Game Contest – Bunnies Treasure Island

Playboy Partners with The Sandbox for Exciting Virtual Game Contest - Bunnies Treasure Island

Playboy, in collaboration with The Sandbox, a virtual world gaming platform, has announced a thrilling virtual game contest, “Bunnies Treasure Island.” The challenge encourages participants to craft a captivating game scenario inspired by the Treasure Island theme using The Sandbox Game Maker.

Exciting Quest with Playboy Bunnies

The game’s objective invites daring players to join a group of adventurous Playboy Bunnies in their quest to uncover a hidden treasure within a scenic island paradise. Participants are asked to fabricate a world bursting with lush landscapes and create a gripping storyline that guides players on a treasure hunt with the Playboy Bunnies.

Big Prizes and Opportunities

The contest offers substantial rewards, with 50,000 SAND (The Sandbox’s digital currency) set to be divided among the top entries. The first-place winner will receive 10,000 SAND, with other substantial prizes for the runners-up and special category winners. Additionally, the creators of the top entries could see their experiences published on Playboy’s LAND within The Sandbox, providing them with immense visibility and recognition.

Contest Timeline and Submission Guidelines

The contest is set to commence on July 17th, 2023, and participants must submit their entries by July 30th, 2023, at 3 PM UTC. The winners will be announced on September 2nd, 2023, after a thorough evaluation process conducted by The Sandbox staff, The Council, and Playboy’s team.

To participate, entrants need to design their entry using The Sandbox’s Game Maker software and must adhere to certain guidelines, such as the inclusion of at least 25 unique assets, creating an experience that lasts a minimum of five minutes, and making sure that the entry is unique and not a copy of any existing experience.

Judging Criteria and Additional Information

Entries will be judged on a 22-point scale based on categories such as the overall creative idea, level design, game design, playability, and a “Wow Factor.” The last category will evaluate exceptional aspects like the game’s artistic direction, unique features, and the immersive atmosphere created.

The contest promises an exciting opportunity for creators to display their creativity, innovation, and game design skills while potentially winning impressive prizes. The rules and guidelines for the contest, along with the submission form, are available on The Sandbox’s official website. Participants must read the instructions carefully before submitting their entries to ensure eligibility.