Hash Rush: The Gem of Blockchain Gaming

Hash Rush Blockchain Game Presentation by Egamers.io

If you are looking for a free-to-play blockchain game with awesome graphics and meaningful gameplay, Hash Rush is for you.

In the Hermeian galaxy, far away from our universe, aggressive monsters and deadly opponents are waiting for your arrival. Do you have what it takes to establish the most powerful colony?

About Hash Rush

Hash Rush Artwork

Hash Rush is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game created with Unity Game Engine. Players can build a maintain a colony in the Hermeian galaxy, the most dangerous place outside our universe occupied by weird and deadly creatures. 

As a player, your goal is to build a fast-growing colony with enough army and workers to overcome several difficulties. At the same time, you challenge yourself with other players and fight for glory.

The game shares many similarities with Civilization, players who enjoy tycoon and empire building games with real-time strategy elements will appreciate Hash Rush.

Crowdfunding from the community

With this strategic move, Hash Rush is getting attention from regular gamers who have no previous experience with cryptocurrencies. Getting rewarded for playing a video game you actually like, sounds tempting for every gamer.

The Hash Rush Indiegogo campaign has many benefits to offer for every backer. For the price of a regular console/pc game (50$), you can get the Silver Defender Badge, which includes unique skins, booster packs, voting rights, and much more.

View of the planet in Hash Rush alpha stage.
View of the planet in Hash Rush alpha stage.

Playing Hash Rush means that you own a planet! A whole brand-new unexplored planet with mines and deadly secrets seems the ideal place to call “home.”

Ernacks are the hard-workers of Hash Rush. They are responsible to mine valuable crystals. You only have to build the crystal mine and give the order, once they return, exclusive rewards will be available.

It is forbidden to stop mining, period. You have to protect your colony and mines from domestic threats and other players, so you have to be prepared for battle! Not all Ernacks are workers, some of them feel the need to become fearless warriors, unaffected from emotions under your orders.

Gathering resources is the key to success. Your workers can gather wood, food, stone, ore, and fireflies. All of the above resources are needed to build upgrades, feed the colony, and other special actions required in the game.

Once you gather enough Logs (wood) and Rough Stone, start building among 15 structures of all types. Barracks, Crafting, Defending, houses, name it, and it’s there.

Tradable Cards, among other items in Hash Rush Blockchain Game
Tradable Cards, among other items in Hash Rush Blockchain Game

Your stats will become higher while you progress in the game, and new unlocks will be available, including your mining (crystal gathering) power. Once you log out, like any online game, your base is still vulnerable to external attacks. The workers still gather crystals, so log out means brb.

It’s mandatory to upgrade your colony with the latest technology available and keep everyone on the clock. Otherwise, your Ernacks will become ex-Ernacks.

The Development Team

The team consists of around 30 well-trained members, with veterans from companies like Riot Games, Nvidia, Ubisoft, and Microsoft. They have both experienced and fresh members, all together working in Riga, Latvia. 

Hash Rush can deliver an amazing game, and they act based on what the community needs.

Hash Rush Development Team in Riga, Latvia.
Hash Rush Development Team in Riga, Latvia.

Our Conclusion

Hash Rush is a gem in the blockchain gaming industry, the first of its kind goes far beyond the typical crypto collectible craze by delivering an actual game. Playing the alpha version is a pleasant experience with constant bug fixes and updates based on community interaction. They managed to raise more than 1,8M$ from the ICO, which is a respectable amount to develop a game, and the community looks more than overwhelming. 

Visit now, Hash Rush.