Splinterlands Land Presale Sold Out in 30 Seconds

Splinterlands Land Presale Sold Out in 30 Seconds

How quick are you? We managed to get 3 land plots in a few seconds when the sale opened. 20 second later, everything was sold out.

Splinterlands is planning a major expansion for the game in 2021. The expansion includes a redefined battle system, new types of cards, and Land plots owned by players. Aiming to evolve the gameplay, this is the biggest update of the Splinterlands existence.

Landowners will have voting rights equal to the amount of land they own to form the Governance of the game. The land also implements resources, buildings, items crafting, creating spells, and more.

The total amount of Land that will ever exist in the game is 150,000 plots divided into 150 Regions. One Region contains 1,000 contiguous plots that are further divided into 10 Tracts that contain 100 contiguous plots.

Splinterlands Land Presale Stage 1

The first round of the Splinterlands land presale was sold out in 30 seconds! Stage 1 offered 30,000 Land plots in total, where 27,000 were available in the region lottery and 3,000 for Tract/Plot purchases. 

27,000 of the 30,000 plots are available as regions (Region 1000 Plots) so that left only 3,000 plots for players that wanted to purchase a small number of Land Plots with the benefit of the 50% discount.

Community Disappointment

Right now on Splinterlands telegram, a drama is taking place from frustrated players that left outside the sale. They claim this sale was only for ‘whales’ because there were only 3,000 plots for people who couldn’t spend 850$ or more for a tract.

Two more sales will take place in the future, the first one is planned for 28/11/2020 with a 40% discount.

Visit the Land Presale Page.

Free Land Plots For Yield Farming

Splinterlands DEC Tokens are available for trading with ETH on Uniswap. Also, the game offers 3,000 Land plots as rewards for those that stake DEC Tokens on Uniswap and provide liquidity to the ETH/DEC pool

The first phase for the Uniswap Liquidity Provider reward promotion ended on Nov. 1st and participants will receive 1 free Land plot for each 0.1% of the total pool liquidity that they provided over the 30 days. There are still two more phases remaining that each one offers 1,000 free Land plots.

Find more details about the Land sale here.