Nyan Heroes Integrate Chainlink’s Price Feeds

Nyan Heroes, an NFT Nyan Based Metaverse, integrates Chainlink Price feeds on Solana.

Chainlink, a vastly used decentralized oracle network, will help the Nyan Heroes Metaverse evolve using its accurate price data. 

The game has not yet launched but, when it does, they would like users to have a fair experience with Nyan’s Heroes token prices and trades around its NFT Marketplace. Oracle will provide the blockchain middleware solution Nyan Heroes was after.

High-Quality, tamper-proof price feeds will help ensure accurate pricing within the gaming ecosystem and marketplace.

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is an NFT Metaverse Game built on Solana Blockchain. Players will collect Nyans (Cats) and Guardian Robot as NFTs. 

Completing shooter-style games, tasks, quests, and progressing in adventure mode will reward you with $NYN, the governance token of the game, and $CTNP, the in-game utility token. Players will mainly earn $CTNP tokens, which will be used in-game to upgrade, level up, craft, and modify. On the other hand, $NYN will be used for governance and transaction for NFT trades.

Chainlink’s VRF technology has also been integrated into multiple games and dapps such as WasderDreams Quest, Axie InfinityMy Defi Pet, The Six DragonsPolyient GamesIGG, and many others.

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