My DeFi Pets Integrates Chainlink’s VRF Technology

My Defi Pet VRF

A Brief Intro into the World of My DeFi Pet

After the blockbuster launch of My DeFi Pet last May by KardiaChain, the first interoperable blockchain in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the game is reaping the rewards of impressive growth and solid traction especially these past few weeks.

Highly lauded by CoinGecko as the top trending NFT game in Asia as well as recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Valuable Builder Accelerator (MVBII) Program, My DeFi Pet is definitely making a name for itself and has piqued the interest of thousands of gamers particularly those living in developing ASEAN countries. 

Just like the growth of other blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades and lately, CryptoZoon, MDP appeals to people of all ages with a hope of an alternative form of employment and another source of income to augment their finances especially in these tight times.

With 10 hours left before the fist ever play-to-earn event take in place in MDP, players from the Phillipines, Indonesia and other countries have invested big with the hopes that this could be potentially mimic the growth of Axie Infinity.

It is simple to play and does not consume too much of one’s time each day. And since it is an online game, players do not need to install an app or download anything. You just need to link your Metamask (ethereum wallet – connected to bsc network), buy at least 15 DPET tokens to form a team of five random monsters and you are well on your way to becoming a legitimate Pet Master who can earn up to $100,000.00 worth of rewards at the end of the season. 

Staying Two Steps Ahead of Cheaters

Due to the game’s lucrative play-to-earn capacity as well as the potential to explode worldwide at an unprecedented rate, the big minds from KardiaChain always have their eyes focused intently on the development and improvement of My DeFi Pet.

Aside from releasing new game modes and fresh selection of pets that players can buy, breed, trade and sell on the marketplace for a quick buck, they are also looking for smart and innovative ways to make the game more secure, transparent to the public, fair to play for everyone and safe from the hands of greedy hackers and cheaters. 

My Defi Pet Roadmap Revealed
My DeFi Pets Integrates Chainlink's VRF Technology 31

With that being said, My Defi Pet was hacked recently and 5% of the accounts were somewhat affected by the hack, with the majority of players reporting accounts reset to zero. MDP responded by compensating the players with in-game silver coins and food enough to reach the status prior the hack.

This is where oracle powerhouse Chainlink VRF comes in to save the day and protect players from opportunistic hackers who prey on the innocent.

To understand the importance of Chainlink VRF and what it brings to the table, new players first need to understand that hatching eggs and breeding pets use random numbers to determine the gene traits of the monsters that will be expressed.

There are over 2 million possible combinations based on traits and appearances alone. 

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Although generating randomness through blockchain technology provides a semblance of integrity in a transparent manner, it is still susceptible to exploitation, tampering and manipulation. This is where Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function or VRF shines just like it does for Axie Infinity because it generates true random numbers accompanied by cryptographic proof of how they were generated which is verifiable and auditable on-chain by all users.

The smart contracts of My DeFi Pets will only accept the random number generated if it has cryptographic proof which in turn will only be procured if the VRF process is free from tampering and manipulation from external parties. 

Verdict: To Play or Not To Play. Yay or Nay?

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With that said, thanks to Chainlink VRF, players can rest assured of fair play because in-game results are 100% random and cannot be manipulated, predicted or tampered with by anyone like hackers, the oracle itself or even the development team.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this is the perfect time for players to get onboard and strike whilst the iron is hot because My DeFi Pet is definitely on its way to the top and more secure than ever. 

MyDefiPet has still room to grow, the developers, TopBox, is a respectable studio and the player-base is constantly growing. The play to earn update will arrive in Q4 with a new token to earn in-game rather than $DPET.