You won't have to spend a dime to play Kingdom Karnage! Experience a Free to Play game and own your cards for ever.


Battle your way through single player campaigns, multiplayer dungeons and other activities. Earn cards while you play.


Kingdom Karnage is part of the Gaming Multiverse. An innovative project of interconnected games. Move between games and use the same item!

About Kingdom Karnage

Member of the Gaming Multiverse. and early adopter of the Enjin Blockchain. Kingdom Karnage will soon feature various single players campaigns and multiple MMO elements where players will require to co-op. Challenge your friends once you have 30 cards in your deck and battle in 1v1 PVP, 2v2 and the Keeps mode where the winner gets a card from the opponent's deck.
Complete racial campaigns to unlock more rewards and dungeons! Your prizes will be sent to your ethereum wallet and they will be accesible through the Enjin Wallet.

Do more in Kingdom Karnage

When completing campaigns and various activities, you will be rewarded with in-game items, cards, gold, and more! Kingdom Karnages allows you to combine same cards in order to create a better and more powerful version of the current one. Gold can be used to buy card packs and all items are ERC-1155 Tokens backed by ENJ Coins. This means that your in-game items have a base value. NFTs with crypto inside!
in Kingdom Karnage you can also combine the same armor/weapons for better versions of them.

Stay tuned in the Kingdom Karnage telegram as they are hosting frequent giveaways!

Try Kingdom Karnage Demo

Kingdom Karnage will launch in 2019 for Web, PC, Android & iOS! You can try the web and android demo versions today!

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Kingdom Karnage offers a mix of single player with MMO elements to satisfy every player. The battle needs time to think and plan the way you will place your cards offering a strategic feature in the gameplay.

Kingdom Karnage is a member of the Gaming Multiverse. A universe of interconnected games where you can use the same item in multiple games and play with a single inventory. The Gaming Multiverse is powered by Enjin and the ERC-1155 token standard. Find more about Kingdom Karnage's Multiverse Support and the Multiverse itself.