Cede Joins Enjin Ecosystem And Brings Combat Farming on The Blockchain.

In Brief:

  • BareHand LLC has joined Enjin’s blockchain ecosystem with its flagship game, Cede.
  • Cede features fascinating gameplay called “Combat Farming.”
  • Transform wastelands into utopias and burst evil into seeds that become vegetation.
  • The game is in the later stages of pre-production, and the PC version is coming first.

Cede, an upcoming strategic RPG with farming and battle elements, has joined today the Enjin Ecosystem. The game will integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and it’s been in development since 2015.

Right now, Cede is in the later stages of pre-production and recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $13,131 by 187 backers. It’s worth mentioning that the goal was $12,000.

The upcoming Multiverse game will initially launch on PC with single and multiplayer campaign modes. At a later stage, the game will move towards a PvP esports mode. From what we read on the Kickstarter page, there are also plans for consoles release.

From what we see from the trailer, Cede is a battle game with multiple farming elements. This means that the players will be able to grow unique ERC-1155 NFTs that can be stored in the Enjin wallet and sold in various marketplaces, including EnjinX.

Combat Farming seems to be exciting. While defeating monsters, they transform into plants that will assist you through combat. Ultimately, the plants you seed are your allies in the Cede fights by dropping other lifeforms health and increasing your stats.

The multiplayer mode will be a 4 Player Co-op Campaign where one player will play with Seph, and the other three players will choose different characters.

On the official website, players can purchase seeds for as low as $3.50 and the Cede’s MFT for $99.

Find the official announcement here.

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Nestables Pre-Alpha is Live & First Gameplay Impressions

Nestables Pre-Alpha

Nestables Closed Alpha is live for the early adopters of the game that own a Founder’s Cube and a Token on their Enjin wallets.

The game is still in the early access phase and needs a lot of development yet. Nestables Pre-Alpha is available for the community to provide feedback, balance gameplay, and bug support. 

Visit Nestables Pre-Alpha

About Nestables

Nestables is a collectible game on the Enjin blockchain and part of the Multiverse connected games. Users collect, trade, breed, and play with 3D Cubes, where each one has unique traits, cosmetic features, DNA, and personality. 

Cubes come in the form of ERC-1155 Tokens and contain the same amount of ENJ Tokens, so their stats define their value.

Read more about Nestables.

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Kingdom Karnage closed beta release

The Multiverse game Kingdom Karnage released the Closed Beta and everyone can play. Complete the beta missions to claim up to 40 NFTs backed by Enjin tokens through rare & uncommon Card Packs. The game opened its gates for everyone, but an Early Access Token is required to play the Enjin Version. Both Normal and Enjin versions …

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BitcoinHodler Launches Public Beta With Enjin Integration

How long can you HODL? After some beta testing in the early access mode, BitcoinHodler is now in public beta with Enjin integration enabled. Download the game for free on Google Play and iOS TestFlight. BitcoinHodler is a 2D hybrid blockchain mobile game. The gameplay is a mix of arcade and endless runner with gamified …

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Get Your Crypto Nickname & Play Multiverse Games

Play multiverse games enjin nickname

It’s time for some fun! What Nickname would you like to have in the crypto space? Enjin has launched a special page that will automatically generate a nickname for you. 🙂 Head over to this page and get your own! Einstein Kovan sounds perfect for us 🙂 About Enjin Coin Enjin continues the development of …

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Space Misifts Joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem

The Silica Nexus XR Ecosystem continues to bring new games on board with the latest addition to be Space Misfits (SM). Space Misfits is a popular low-poly sandbox game powered by Enjin Blockchain and part of the Gaming Multiverse. It has an overwhelming community, and it’s one of the very first playable Multiverse Games with lots of action …

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Play Forest Knight Early Access

Forest Knight Early Access

Exciting times for the Multiverse as the Forest Knight Early Access version is now available for Android devices and everyone can start playing! Chrono Games call all Knights to assemble and take part in the community-driven development of the game. Wait, Community-driven? That’s Correct! Forest Knight is out as an Early Access version and Behfar, …

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Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

The Multiverse powered blockchain game Age of Rust announced today that early adopters can finally have a first taste of the game. As of today holders of the Age of Rust MFT, LastLight or Origin Enjin token are granted with early access for the early pre-alpha demo. The full release is still under development and …

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Forest Knight Official Story Trailer & Early Access

The Enjin powered & Multiverse game Forest Knight released the official story trailer stating the Early Access is near!

The video features a nice lore with a great voice, composing a satisfying result for a lore video. The evil is growing stronger every day, and this time, the knight is overwhelmed!

Forest Knight, back in July announced the delay of Alpha Version in order to add more stuff in the game and it’s about time to launch it! The alpha version will include the Arena system where players will be able to compete with each other and offer MMO elements to the game.

About Forest Knight

Under development for Android and iOS, Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game where players can build their own team and experience amazing adventures in the world of Chronville. As a multiverse game, Forest Knight takes advantage of the ERC1155 Token Standard where most of the in-game assets are Non-Fungible Tokens backed by ENJ Coins.