Space Misifts Joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem

The Silica Nexus XR Ecosystem continues to bring new games on board with the latest addition to be Space Misfits (SM).

Space Misfits is a popular low-poly sandbox game powered by Enjin Blockchain and part of the Gaming Multiverse. It has an overwhelming community, and it’s one of the very first playable Multiverse Games with lots of action and fun!

Space Misfits -Not your grandma’s space game.

Probably the best tagline we have seen in blockchain gaming as of today. Space Misfits is a 3D Low Poly Space Sandbox MMO where players can decide their own fate in-game, become a successful trader, a fearless and ruthless pirate, or mine through glory! 

In Space Misfits, you can hunt, collect, and mine resources as well as items backed by ENJ tokens. Players will experience unique gameplay, with several earning possibilities.

Drive your spaceship to the infinity, engage in PVP battles, establish trading alliances, and much more! 

The Silica Nexus and Space Misfits Collaboration Details

The upcoming Cross-Reality project will use the PAaas (Player Acquisition as a Service) mechanism to drive new players into games who win in-game items using Arcade machines!

Citizens from all around the world who visit arcade stores can exchange winning tickets for non-fungible tokens instead of physical prizes such as toys and teddy-bears. 

This is the first time we see something like this happening and cleary it embraces the new digital rewarding era.

Silica Nexus is developing a marketplace where users will be able to buy and sell in-game items from multiple partnered games. Space Misfits will be one of them, and the transactions will take place using the DROID token.

Which Games Are in Silica Nexus Ecosystem?

There are a few games already signed up for Silica Nexus, and the company continues to add new ones all the time. Space Misfits is the second Multiverse Game to join along with Dissolution. Also, Reality Clash has joined recently, Chain Guardians, the TCGs Mythereum, Ether Legends, and the Japanese Pig racing game Crypt-Oink have already joined.

About Silica Nexus

The Cross Reality project aims to connect games and devices through a single universe of interconnection. There will be huge arcade machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars where players can put their skills to work and claim incredible in-game assets instead of physical prizes. Moreover, the Marketplace will become available in the next year and gamers will be able to sell their in-game assets securely and decentralized.

A great explanatory video about the Player Acquisition Engine of Silica Nexus.

Silica Nexus through the PAE mechanism aims to provide games with a reliable players acquisition model where they won’t have to spend a fortune to attract and maintain new users. As ambitious as it sounds, we are waiting for the first alpha version of the marketplace. The full potential of Silica Nexus won’t be around before the end of 2020, so keep an eye out for further news and more articles explaining this innovative project.

Read our Interview with Andrew Prell, CEO of Silica Nexus.

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