Space Misfits: Tokenizing BITS To Empower Play-To-Earn

Space Misfits Blockchain Game

Space Misfits will tokenize the in-game currency BITS on Enjin’s Jumpnet sidechain. The game is receiving a lot of attention recently and it’s under development for years. There are major updates upcoming and players are already playing and gathering resources. Space Misfits, the Enjin-based open-world space-themed game, has announced its intention to tokenize BITS, the …

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Space Misifts Joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem

The Silica Nexus XR Ecosystem continues to bring new games on board with the latest addition to be Space Misfits (SM). Space Misfits is a popular low-poly sandbox game powered by Enjin Blockchain and part of the Gaming Multiverse. It has an overwhelming community, and it’s one of the very first playable Multiverse Games with lots of action …

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Ready To Hunt ENJ Backed Items? Space Misfits RUSH is Coming!

Ready To Hunt ENJ Backed Items? Space Misfits RUSH is Coming! Powered by the newly announced Enjin Spark program, the incredible low-poly graphics game will release the “Space Misfits RUSH“, a single-player alpha version on the 25th of May where players will be able to collect ENJ backed items in a fun and exciting way! …

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