Space Misfits: Tokenizing BITS To Empower Play-To-Earn

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  • Space Misfits will tokenize the in-game currency BITS on Enjin’s Jumpnet sidechain.
  • The game is receiving a lot of attention recently and it’s under development for years.
  • There are major updates upcoming and players are already playing and gathering resources.

Space Misfits, the Enjin-based open-world space-themed game, has announced its intention to tokenize BITS, the in-game currency created by the players, while providing governance utility to SMC (Space Misfits Coin).

BITS is expected to play a significant utility role in the economy of Space Misfits. It will accelerate the growth of the play-to-earn model, and players will be able to transact without network fees since it will be minted as ERC-20 on the Jumpnet network

In the official announcement there are some thins highlighted regarding the future value for players.

  • Bits will be a major component of the Play-to-earn ecosystem.
  • Players will eventually own more blockchain-based assets rather than non-tokenized ones.
  • SMC will be traded independently of the BITS token, and it will have features like staking, voting rights, and a significant role in the economy.
  • More services and on-chain elements will become available as Enjin continues the development of Jumpnet and Efinity.
Space Misfit Pre- Alpha footage
Space Misfit Pre- Alpha footage

About Space Misfits

In 2019 the Space Misfits game was founded by CEO Samuel Stebbins, an independent game developer in Florida of Jade Stems Studios. The developer served in the US Navy for 16 years, so the game is based on actual aircraft design, build, rebuild, and repair as he wants the dedicated players to experience true gameplay.

Explore the space in NPC Hunting, PVP/PVE, Building, Forging, Mining, and Resources Management. The mechanics and gameplay are made to allow players to reach high-level gameplay.

The alpha version was launched on the 25th of May 2020, and it was – one of the first blockchain-based Open World RPGs. As reported back then, SM integrated NFTs within 14 hours.

As of 2021, Space Misfits has done frequent events with multiple prizes. 

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