Mint Your NFTs GAS-Free on Enjin’s JumpNet

JumpNet early access

It’s finally time! Enjin’s Jumpnet Public access is live, and everyone can mint NFTs without paying GAS Fees!

Whether you are an individual who wants to experiment with NFTs, or a brand looking for innovative ways to connect with your audience, JumpNet is the most eco-friendly way to create low carbon non-fungible tokens.

Jumpnet is using 99,99% less energy than Ethereum, making it the ideal place to mint your new NFTs.

The public access of JumpNet opens the gate for all kinds of people to reap the benefits of tokenization and create NFT collections that were previously very expensive to mint, comparing it to Ethereum.

Athletes, Creators, Musicians, and any business can easily join the next-generation movement and offer something unique to their followers.

How to use JumpNet:

The process of using Enjin’s Jumpnet is very straightforward.

To mint a token, head over to the Enjin platform, make sure to link it with your Enjin Wallet using the unique code provided by the platform.

Use your Enjin Wallet to transfer some $ENJ to the Jumpnet network. You will receive in the same wallet (but on Jumpnet, not Ethereum) the exact amount in JENJ (Jumpnet Enjin.) 

Then you can use the EnjinX marketplace to browse your tokens.

Note that you will need some JENJ to mint assets, every ERC-1155 Token needs some JENJ to be backed with. The backed amount can be retrieved by melting the NFT using the Enjin Wallet.

Placing an NFT for sale occurs from within the Enjin Wallet once you click on an asset.

A detailed FAQ can be found on the Enjin website.

Efinity and jumpnet
Mint Your NFTs GAS-Free on Enjin's JumpNet 29

Multiverse Gaming is Picking up

Enjin is frequently described as the leading platform for Non-Fungible tokens, but it has its root in Gaming.

The Multiverse games, a metaverse of connected games and in-game assets, will start picking up now that there aren’t any fees on the network.

The Ethereum GAS Fees had made on-chain transactions and NFT trading impossible. Today, we close the Fees chapter and look at the future with confidence.

Games such as Kingdom Karnage, Lost Relics, and Space Misfits are already operating on Jumpnet with zero fees, making the gaming experience better than ever. 

More games like The Six Dragons and MyMetaverse platform will soon follow with complete Jumpnet migrations.

The First Step.

Jumpnet is the Ethereum scaling solution of Enjin, the first part of the two-fold scaling solution that includes the upcoming Efinity blockchain, based on the Polkadot ecosystem. Enjin recently raised 18.9$ Million to develop Efinity and Jumpnet while a few days ago it demonstrated how easily brands can distribute NFTs in a massive scale using QR codes. In the following months, Enjin will host an EFI public sale, the native token of Efinity blockchain.