Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

The Multiverse powered blockchain game Age of Rust announced today that early adopters can finally have a first taste of the game. As of today holders of the Age of Rust MFT, LastLight or Origin Enjin token are granted with early access for the early pre-alpha demo.

The full release is still under development and early access is expected to have a few bugs and graphic issues, but it will feature a lot of in-game aspects.

Age of Rust is popular in the blockchain gaming scene for it’s great graphics and puzzles that contains bitcoins inside!

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About The Game

Age of Rust is a post-apocalyptic adventure game built on the Enjin blockchain and one of the oldest Multiverse games. The game takes place in the year 4424 where humanity has migrated on an exoplanet after leaving earth.

Enjin Wallet is necessary in order to play the game and at least 1,000 Rustbits. Furthermore, players can purchase other blockchain items in the game or other decentralized exchanges such as EnjinX. The game also features Puzzles and hidden crypto treasures that you can solve and earn crypto rewards.