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It’s time for some fun! What Nickname would you like to have in the crypto space? Enjin has launched a special page that will automatically generate a nickname for you. 🙂 Head over to this page and get your own! Einstein Kovan sounds perfect for us 🙂

About Enjin Coin

Enjin continues the development of the platform, and we expect Efinity sidechain to become available in the next months. Efinity is long-awaited and necessary for some games such as The Six Dragons, 9 Lives Arena, and others that require a lot of transactions.

Right now, the Enjin ecosystem has some of the best hybrid blockchain games under-development, with the majority of them coming out this year.

A complete suite of development tools is available for any game studio that would like to adopt Enjin, including a Unity SDK, Java SDK, and many more!

In contrast to other blockchain platforms, Enjin takes the path to Hybrid gaming. Hybrid games adopt blockchain for the economy and the in-game assets. The game itself is hosted on the centralized servers of each company. We expect this model to be the standard as it allows game studios to develop just like they would typically do and integrate blockchain where is needed and only.

The Enjin Games

In case you are not aware, Multiverse games are interconnected, meaning that in-game items can be playable across multiple games. Most of the games you will see below are connected with at least a few dozen items and many more to come in the future.

Let’s take a quick look at some Enjin Games, both playable and coming soon.


Available on the Steam platform in early access, Dissolution is an FPS taking place on space. The game has MMORPG plans for 2021 and hosts the Fight Night every Saturday. Dissolution is a Play to Earn game, meaning that you don’t have to spend a dime, and while playing, you will receive in-game assets straight to your Enjin Wallet.

The Six Dragons

The world’s first open-world RPG with a huge map and one billion random generated dungeons is called The Six Dragons (TSD).

Currently available in closed pre-alpha, you can craft items by collecting materials and enhance weapons and armor. Crafting takes place on the blockchain, after a successful craft, the item goes straight to your Ethereum wallet and it’s accessible through the Enjin Wallet app. TSD is considered as one of the most promising blockchain games which raised over $168,000 in the presale round. There are even plans for Multiplayer modes and AI-powered companions!

Forgotten Artifacts

Developed by a one-man army, Cliff Cawley, Forgotten Artifacts is a Hack and slash, action role-playing blockchain game with Enjin integration and ERC1155 items drop. It’s worth to mention that FA is the most integrated game across all the Multiverse with hundreds of items from other games and projects playable in FA.

Enter dungeons, explore towns and complete quests or join one of the frequent events. FA is a game that won’t let you down in any way. Play now and win some ENJ-Backed items! Don’t forget to check out the Aurora Dragon, our very first Reewardio and FA item!

Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure set in the vast expanse of the universe. It’s an exploration game with mysterious caverns and ruins that contains thousands of puzzles with crypto and in-game assets as rewards.

Besides the Puzzles, Age of Rust (AOR) features Combat elements with multiple missions, incredible graphics, and enjoyable gameplay. There is a Pre-alpha version available to play for those who own an Origin or LastLight token. The current price of these tokens is more than 300$, so unless you don’t mind spending that much to try the game, stay tuned for the public version.

9 Lives Arena

9LA is a one versus one, skill-based PvP RPG with permadeath, crafting, AI companions and persistent progression. There are no fixed classes and the persistent progression ensures fast character building. 9 lives is all you get in this game, with permadeath enabled, once you die in a fight, you will have to create a new champion.

The game will be available for Playstation console and Computer with online/offline companions controlled through your smartphone. It’s worth to mention that 9LA is a play to earn game, the market contains blueprints (recipes) for skins only. As you understand, it’s pure skill-based. To join Early-Access, you will need to get something from their shop.


A game for all ages and tastes, Nestables is all about building a base and taking care of lovely Cubes! Players will be able to breed their cubes, equip various cosmetic items and increase the happiness rate.

The base of Cubes is called “Nest” and they can be completely customized. Your Cubes can collect resources to craft items and improve nest capabilities. Nestables will become available for PC and probably mobile devices in the future.

Containment Corps

CC is a multiverse co-op FPS game all about tower defense. Join with your friends to fight against swamp creatures and defend your base. Choose between classes and unique abilities, use powerfull turrets and save the day!

Containment Corps features inventory management as you will have to manage the crystal energy supply to maintain the functionality of the base, upgrade defenses and weapons. The game is available on steam as early-access for free.

Space Misfits

As the title suggests, Space Misfits is not your Grandma’s Space Game. It’s a 3D Space Open-World MMO powered by the Enjin technology with its own economy and a native cryptocurrency.

In Space Misfits you can hunt, collect, mine resources and claim Enjin backed items straight to your Ethereum Wallet. The game features real-time PVP battles, trading, logistics as well as its own decentralized economy. The unique gameplay and low-poly graphics make it a very special game to have fun and earn while playing.

War of Crypta

War of Crypta (formerly War of Crypto) is a multiplayer PVP game for Web and Mobile devices with unique and evolvable heroes. The game takes place in an epic fantasy world and players can collect, customize and level up 3D Heroes.

WoC contains strategy elements as per the team selection which falls under an enticing and dynamic battle system based on the players’ stamina and Heroes skills. Rightfully it’s one of the most anticipated multiverse games and holds the title for the first ERC1155 Sale. Of course, the presale was sold out!


The first time i saw Alterverse, Garry’s Mod came immediately in my mind, and i can’t describe how excited i was to see a game of this type on the blockchain. It’s a world-building universe run by the players with multiple mods and endless gameplay. Of course, this includes a number of profiting opportunities as anyone who hold’s the appropriate token can run his own private server.

While the first mod of the game will come out this year, Alterverse: Disruption, there are a lot of features already completed including blockchain integration, VR compatible, customization avatars, combat system and many many more.

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