Meltelbrot #25 – Entering the presale dungeon with Lost Relics developer – Cliff Cawley.

Do you dare to enter?

Today I’m chatting with Cliff, head developer of the recently Enjin integrated game, lost Relics, an action role-playing hack and slash dungeon crawler video game. A presale is currently open and cool packs are available to purchase. The game will be released on PC/Mac/Linux initially and holders of their Founders token will grant early access to the game. I love finding out more from such creatives as Cliff, so let’s see what it’s all about and hopefully I don’t forget anything…

…but first the formalities of the giveaway! As always we are giving out 10 Meltelbrot/egamers tokens as a part of a quiz, plus Cliff has generously offered 3 discovery packs, but the recipients will need to have created a Lost Relics account before they will receive their reward. For further details make sure you join the following channels to keep an eye out, and good luck!


Hi Cliff, something I ask everyone to get the ball rolling is what’s your background in gaming and game development?

I developed commercial video games for almost 12 years (PC, Xbox, Playstation and Wii) before the games industry in Australia crashed. I moved to other commercial software roles but have always been working on Indie titles in my spare time. Most of those have been for Android and iOS.

I’ve always had a passion for playing and especially developing video games. I love to give players new and magical experiences and video games as a medium is a great way to create those experiences!

So your new game, Lost Relics, btw the title reminds me of Indiana Jones for some reason, what adventures can we expect in the gameplay?

That’s great that it gives you that impression because the hunt for treasure and adventuring through various worlds (with the focus on dungeons right now) is something I find thrilling. Discovering new and mysterious artifacts, battling monsters and solving puzzles are all things you can expect within the worlds of Lost Relics.

The game world itself will also poke fun at the genre and you should expect jokes, references and cute and comical adventures along the way. The game won’t always take itself too seriously 😉

You’ve got a lot of experience in game creation, from that experience, what’s the coolest new feature that you are bringing to the gaming landscape for gaming fans?

There are quite a few mysterious artifacts hidden in the dungeons, some of which will require working together in order to understand and solve. I love challenging everyone to work together to solve or unravel an event so you’ll definitely be seeing this sort of thing within the game.

I’m also taking a lighter approach to the traditional ARPG and going for a more arcadey feel, therefore opening it up to a wider audience while still having depth in lore.

In saying that I have a few surprises up my sleeve which I’ll reveal later. It’s safe to say you’ll be having some great adventures in Lost Relics!

Fight your way to items with Real World Value

I like the idea of learning about the artifacts as you go. Like a real life archaeologist! What’s the purpose and function behind the museum feature?

This was originally designed to give a sense of mystery and revealment, however I am currently working on some changes here due to the release of EnjinX and how easy it is now to discover a game’s items.

I was going to credit the name of the adventurer who was the first to find each unique item. This acts as hall of fame, however I’m going to review how this all works and will provide updates in the future 🙂

How has Enjin X changed your developing strategy?

It’s changed my strategy slightly in that I need to be careful about revealing secrets. Some games are fine to reveal everything available but for a game that has some mystery or secrets, having an open database means I could accidentally give away details before I am ready to reveal them.

What items in game will have Enjin backing?

Initially all items of ‘Artifact’ rarity will be Enjin backed. As time goes on I’m planning to back each rarity level down to Rare. So that means I hope to eventually have Rare, Epic, Legendary and Artifact items all as Enjin backed items.

How have you found integrating with the Enjin SDK?

I’ve been following Enjin for a while now, I was busy on another project when they had early access and so I had to wait for them to release their SDK. Once it was released, I found it easy to integrate the Enjin Unity SDK. Although since moving all the game logic to the server I now directly call into the Enjin Cloud GraphQL instead. The Unity SDK is a great learning tool in addition to the documentation available online.

Will you be good enough to explore the expert dungeons?

I heard that like 9LivesArena, you are looking at creating blueprints for future item creation by fans. Can you expand a little more on that?

This is definitely something I’m looking to add, but I’m spending a little time planning it out. Currently they have an item sink which ensures there’s always demand for new items.

I don’t currently have a way to lose items as this is a contentious subject to some gamers. Losing your hard earned (or payed for items) can be quite devastating and while it does add a huge thrill if you win, it can also cause you to quit a game for good.

In saying that I’ve got an idea for expert dungeons where if you die you lose any carried items but the loot gains are much higher. Higher risk for higher rewards!

I’ll have more information about this in the future 🙂

A presale is now open so loyal adventurers can get their own artifacts now. What can newcomers expect to purchase from the presale? Is there a Multiverse Founders Token?

My pre-sale ‘Founder’s Pack’ contains an MFT. The MFT isn’t bound and is therefore tradeable and you can own as many as you like. I plan to give future rewards as the game progresses.

This will consist of airdropped special items, early access to alpha/beta builds and plenty of rewards, benefits and secrets along the way.

If you’re a Founder of Lost Relics, you’ll have a place in history and I want you to feel like royalty with ongoing rewards and benefits to say thanks for your faith in the game 🙂

What will the funds gained from presale be put towards?

The funds will be used to pay for development costs of the game and potentially expand the team. This includes wages, server costs and item minting and transfer costs.

I’m currently funding the game from my savings so the outcome of the presale will improve the future of Lost Relics and the features I will be delivering!

Journey into the unknown!

I see like Behfar from Forest Knight, you’re also a one man team. How’s the community support going for you, and are you looking to expand like Forest Knight did?

It’s been great so far, however as the community grows I’ll definitely need to expand. Everyone has been incredibly supportive so far and it’s a great motivator when other people are also excited about the game!

I have the skills to cover all areas of development and even if I can’t initially expand the team, I have the technical ability to get the game to a releasable state just on my own.

Are you chatting with other developers at all to help grow the Enjin multiverse?

I’ve had a couple of chats with different developers and there are plans for things in the future.

I’ve mainly been focused on developing my own universe first though because I want to ensure it has a strong start on its own. Once that’s up to a certain point I’ll be able to more readily participate in the multiverse setup.

On the subject of multiverse, I’ll slide us into the community verse now, and offer you some questions from the fans.


Hi, will there be a max supply of the founder token?

Total supply will be set to total amount sold. So if 100 are sold, that will be the total supply.


Is there any info as to the iou crates dropping the same items or quantity or quality?

The crates all contain the same items for the presale. The chests that they contain will all contain at least 1 rare item (or better).

The chests will only be able to be opened in the game.

The game will be available to early access and founders first, and soon after the presale (but not immediately) as there are a few things like a patching system I need to add still


What’s the endgame for Forgtten Artifacts, and what are some of the elements that will keep it interesting to continue grinding?”

I haven’t planned an endgame. I foresee this as a project that will continue for many years. I want to have in game events, puzzles to solve and lore to unwind!

Once the game is released, what’s the plan/timeline for releasing new patches and updates to keep the game fresh?”

I plan to continuously update. I see it as an ever evolving game world that you can jump into and participate in.

You mentioned that you’ll be trying to keep stats simple to help players focus on playing the game more. Was curious what strategy elements will be available for players to create and experiment with creating different builds?

You can only take so many things into the dungeon with you and you’ll have to choose these before you start. Initially the dungeons will just be completely random but I’ve got some ideas around specific dungeons where you might encounter specific enemies and you’ll need to change the types of things you take with you to defeat them. Be that types of damage or perhaps more defensive items.


I know I’ve already asked if you plan to use Multiverse items on FA, and you said yes. If possible, it would be great to know more exactly what items will be used on FA, how they will look, what stats could they have and lore?

Just briefly, some of the items I’ll be looking to support are Epochrome Sword, Oindrasdain, Archspire, Soulshift Armor, Stormwall and Shadowsong.

Thanks for the q’s everyone, and replies Cliff, a couple of the questions were taken from the Lost Relics Telegram channel, but was good info to reveal for all. It’s nice to see developers active on their channels and updating their fans regularly. Before you get back to it Cliff, is there anything else you’d like to share with the readership?

Thanks for all the support so far, I can’t wait to show you where Lost Relics will go. I’ve got some great surprises coming, and I’m aiming to have a playable version for all those who purchase the Founder’s Pack and Early Access pack soon after the pre-sales are over!

Plenty of surprises in the dungeon I’m sure! Thanks again for taking the time out to chat and it’s good news to hear a game will be ready to play soon after pre-sales. No one likes to wait these days!:) Too many options and bright lights elsewhere. But I’m sure this one won’t be forgotten and will be a blast for the adventurers amongst us 😉 Should you wish to venture into the dungeons and find more gems of information on Lost Relics, please follow the links and make sure you check out the presale for the game assets available.

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