World’s First ERC-1155 Pre-sale Sold Out

The future of War of Crypto looks awesome after the completion of the private pre-sale. The community was overwhelming and supported the event for fours days, players will soon enjoy the benefits of early adoption and this winter, the game will be available to the public.

The champions could be purchased with Enjin, Ethereum and FIAT. The first crystal had a price of 25$. Each Champion is a semi-fungible token, a mix between non-fungible and fungible tokens.

There won’t be a public sale since the presale was Sold Out. Congratulations to the lucky ones who got ahead of time and got their crystals.

The Pre-sale was overshadowed by a powerful DDoS attack, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and despite the challenges caused by the DDoS WoC acted professionally and resolved the situation in a fast, democratic and logical way.

ENJ also provided technical solutions to the situation, from my point of view, both teams acted professionally, just how you would expect in a situation like this.

A stunning number of 1.500 Crystals were sold out in two rounds, within a matter of seconds the price of each crystal quickly reached 0,4eth. The second round was completed even faster with an average purchase price of 35$ per crystal.

The first Blockchain Game that utilizes ERC1155 by Lucille Games can be more than proud of the overwhelming support they received.

All pre-sale Heroes were backed by at least 49 ENJ up to 10,000 ENJ. The ENJ amount depends on the Hero you receive from the pre-sale Crystal. 300,000 total ENJ was used for backing of all pre-sale Heroes creation.

War of Crypto used a different approach for their Pre-sale, instead of buying the champion of your choice, you got a crystal (Loot-Box) for 25USD which contained a random hero inside.

Through being an early contributor now, you can be rewarded big time in the near future. Also, you can use such rewards in War of Crypto’s in-game marketplace, with other games in the Enjin cryptocurrency network, or trade them for real money. Just like an investment!

Funds gathered from the Presale of War of Crypto will be used to accelerate the development of the mobile version.

War of Crypto Presale Champions are here!

Let’s take a closer look at the most expensive War of Crypto Champion.

Meet Daagon and his Golden Potato Skin. There are only ten copies of this skin available and each of them contains 10,000 in Enjin Coin. “Wait, what, really?” Yes, its true, the ERC-1155 token standard enables War of Crypto to offer cryptocurrencies inside cryptocurrencies.

Daagon, the most expensive ERC1155 Token.

Are you a dog lover? Do you believe that Dogs are awesome, real and virtual?

When Lambo? Meet Lambo Mooner, with exclusive pre-sale Hero’s skin!
This exclusive Hero is be backed by 2,500

Lambo Mooner - Exclusive Pre-Sale Hero with unique Skin
Lambo Mooner – Exclusive Pre-Sale Hero with unique Skin

Meet Corvo! His world was turned to ash by the Centrized. This pre-sale skin showcases Corvo corrupted by the darkness and it is backed by 300

Corvo ERC1155 Champion in War of Crypto

Mooner, this time not that fast, is by far my favoriteOne day he will reach the moon. This dog is adorable.
This hero was only available during the pre-sale and contains 250 . Good luck buying one from the WoC’s Marketplace.

Mooner is an exclusive presale hero for war of crypto
Mooner is an exclusive presale hero for War Of Crypto

Whoah! War of Crypto revealed Spectra, a worm maybe? I can’t tell exactly.

Spectra, or the Royal Spectra if you prefer, is one of the most horrific monsters in the universe. It was available with royal skin during the pre-sale and it’s backed by 220 .

Royal Spectra, This monster comes with an exclusive presale-skin
Royal Spectra, This monster comes with an exclusive presale-skin

For the Jurassic Park fans out there, WoC (War of Crypto) brought to you the next-generation Dinosaur to hunt your enemies like a maniac.

Meet Mech-Rex, the mechanical T-rex. Engineered to be a deadly force in the Battle Arena. This skin was only be available during the pre-sale and Mech-Rex is backed by 120 $

Mech Rex is a killing machine offered in the presale of War Of Crypto. Stay away from him or buy him.
Mech Rex is a killing machine offered in the presale of War Of Crypto. Buy him or stay away. He is dangerous.

Whales are well known for being huge, this one is also cute!

Equus, is the guardian of the ocean. Don’t underestimate this whale, even Poseidon is afraid of him. It was available with rare pre-sale skin and backed by 90

Equus, the guardian of the ocean available in War of Crypto Presale
Equus, the guardian of the ocean available in War of Crypto Presale

I have never thought in my life that I could have a goat for an opponent.

Larvine! A monstrous, indiscriminate killing machine, who could charge up and launch his foe away. He is be backed by 60

Larvine, The Deadly Goat Champion of War of Crypto

Rodief! He is one that can never be trusted and will do anything to get his hands on Crypto Dust. He will is backed by 55

War of Crypto Rodief Champion.
War of Crypto Rodief Champion with exclusive presale skin.

Canarth! Known to be the best crypto dust digger on Crypta. His pre-sale skin features him as robot Canarth and it cointains 52

`Canarth War of Crypto Champion with the Robot Skin available in Presale.
Canarth War of Crypto Champion with the Robot Skin available in Presale.

Mundus, the guardian of nature. He is now dressed up as his ancestors with his exclusive pre-sale skin and he’s backed by 49 $ENJ

Mundus is the cheapest character in War of Crypto to buy during the presale.
Mundus is the cheapest character in War of Crypto to buy during the presale.

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Read our War of Crypto Presentation

“On July 28th, the War of Crypto private pre-sale begins. Make sure you book your seat and register before July 27th. Only 1,000 spots are available for private pre-sale. The public pre-sale begins 2 days afterwards, July 30th. You’ll have access to a limited supply of crates containing a set of our most exclusive, rare heroes with skins. These skins will be limited editions and won’t be available after pre-sale. They will only be available to purchase from our peer to peer marketplace.”


Just a couple of days before the beginning of the pre-sale, War of Crypto revealed more information about the game and the pre-sale process. You should know the following:

War of Crypto Game Information.

Heroes will be stored on the blockchain so you gain true ownership of your Hero. this means that your hero can be stored in the ENJ Wallet, send it over a friend or sell in the marketplace.

The game will be free to play and as you progress you will obtain more heroes. Each hero is unique based on individual values and it’s personality and they come in six rarities, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Special.

Preview Screenshot taken from War of Crypto battle.
Preview Screenshot taken from War of Crypto battle.

Heroes types, how to beat that fire Dragon?

Along with rarities, Heroes will have a Type(s). The types characterize the Hero and allow it to have advantages/disadvantages against other Hero types when in the Battle Arena. For example, a Sun type move will deal double damage to a Nature type Hero.

War of Crypto hero types:

  • Air
  • Frost
  • Mech
  • Mystic
  • Nature
  • Ocean
  • Stone
  • Sun
  • Thunder
  • Wither

Individual Values (IVs)

Each of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, Critical) has an Individual Value (IV) associated with it. An Individual Value is randomly generated between 1-28 uniquely for each stat. This Individual Value is then added on top of a Hero’s base stat and never changes. It is part of its Crypto DNA.


Upon creation, a Hero is given a personality trait. A personality trait has an effect on that hero’s stats by either increasing or decreasing one of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, Critical). Hero’s personality never changes.

Growing and evolving Heroes

By winning battles, you make your Heroes stronger, more skillful and can evolve them into new ones.

By winning battles you get and accumulate, “Crypto Dust”.

Crypto Dust is used to strengthening your Heroes and level up. Once you have maxed your tier level, by using an item called “Evolution Stone” you will be able to evolve your hero into a new tier. This process makes your Heroe more powerful and adds extra value.

War of Crypto Heroes Evolvement in 3 Stages

Battle Mechanics

Battles in War of Crypto are real-time PVP. You can have a roster of up to 5 Heroes for a live showdown against another War of Crypto player.
Matchmaking will be done automatically by the system ensuring you will be paired with similar level skilled players. Hero’s moves will require stamina to execute. So you have to be strategic and plan your battle right. The ultimate goal is to faint all your opponent’s Heroes.

Inside a battle, you will have five Graphical elements which show you all the necessary available information.

Info Hub. This is your information Hub. You will be able to see your Battle squad Heroes, your Active Hero’s health, and your heroes level and type.


Information Bar showing various elements in War of Crypto

Opponent’s Info Hub. This is your opponent’s information Hub. You will be able to see their Battle squad Heroes that have been used in current battle, their Active Hero’s health, and their heroes level and type.

Enemy Information Bar in War of Crypto

Moves (Skills) Bar. All of your Moves are available in this bar. Cast them by clicking on them. Also, you can use the typical Q,W,E,R Buttons from your keyboard.

Moves (Skills) Bar in War of Crypto. Click them or use Q, W, E, R

Stamina Bar. It is always regenerating at a consistent rate. Moves require stamina to be used. When a move is used, stamina will be consumed from your stamina bar.

The stamina bar in war of crypto. Stamina is required to cast any skill.

Battle Log. It shows which actions are taking place by both you and your opponent in the battle.

Transparency above all. View all the actions in a battle in the Battle Log.


The decentralized marketplace in War of Crypto will help you sell the champions you don’t need anymore and buy the ones who will fit perfectly in your team.

You can really get strategic and plan your perfect team with all your favorite Heroes. Need to power up some specific type your lack? Maybe searching for a rare Hero whose skills you want to see? Collecting Heroes of a specific type? Whatever your goal, War of Crypto’s marketplace allows you to set and fulfill new challenges!

War of Crypto Decentralized Marketplace. Sell your Champions for a profit or buy those you need.
War of Crypto Decentralized Marketplace. Sell your Champions for a profit or buy those you need.


Read our War of Crypto Presentation

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See you all in the game.