Send your Cubes to collect valuable and necessary resources to build homes, expand your nest and much more!


Build a place for your Cubes to play with and work. Design it with pre-made props or just create your own!


Collect one of a kind Cubes with unique personality and special characteristics. Start breeding them and create a family tree.

About Nestables

Nestables is an early adopter of the Enjin Blockchain and a member of the Gaming Multiverse. A Decentralized project of interconnected games.
Players in Nestables will be able to collect, breed and trade 3D Cubes each of which will have their own traits, cosmetic features and unique personality.
Create the ideal environment for your Cubes through pre-made props or by designing your own! Nest is the place your Cubes live, work and play. Upgrade your nest by collecting resources and then let them relax! Each nest is unique and it represents your own personal taste of living. Create a friendly environment for your Cubes and allow them to live happily and be productive.

Your Unique Cubes

Some Cubes are cuter than others, which will serve as an incentive for players to breed them and create a model-looking family. Others are great at gathering resources and because of breeding inherits the stats to the newborns, breeding 2 Cubes with advanced gathering skills, your newborn is likely to have those stats also.
You will be able to equip cosmetic items to your Cubes and sell them at a later date in the decentralized marketplace. If you own a Cube with special abilities, you can rent it to other players for a fixed time and receive a payment based on what you both agree. Cubes will return to your nest automatically once the renting period is over. Nestables is developing their own marketplace!

Create an army of Cubes, keep them happy and let them work for you. Nestables offers a variety of ways to profit by playing!

A Game For Friends

In Nestables, you will be able to visit your friends nests and help them with various tasks such as collecting resources!

Presale Coming Soon

On July 27th, Nestables will begin the presale phase where you will be able to acquire some unique Cube as well as cosmetic

Nestables is an Enjin powered game! All in-game assets are ERC-1155 Backed by ENJ Coin. You can use them in-game, sell them to the marketplace or even melt them using Enjin Wallet and acquire the ammount of ENJ Coin inside straight to your Ethereum address.