Nestables PreSale Coming Soon

Mark the 27th of July in your calendar because the presale of Nestables is going to start at 9 PM UTC as announced by Tribal Gaming, the company behind the development of the Multiverse Blockchain game.

Every participant of the presale will have the chance to own limited edition Cubes as well as some wearables and skins! Cubes can be claimed by the cube adoption program which will feature 2,500 special Pre-Sale Cubes that comes with great benefits, while Wearables and skins can be claimed by purchasing crates.

Cube Adoption Program

Presale Cubes are unique ERC-1155 Tokens backed by 5 ENJ each and comes with great benefits. Each one will be available for 19.99 USD and made up of different physical and personality traits. Each presale cube will have a special gold-colored ‘FC’ mark which will be inherited by the Cube’s firstborn child at a 50% opacity as well. In addition, they will have an Exclusive pre-sale only ‘Productivity Master’ trait, the ability to cycle through unlimited Cube appearances and the Ability to view traits of the Cube before selection.

Take a look at the preview and see how your cube looks like here.

Wearables and Skins

During the presale, players can purchase crates where each one will contain two wearables/ skins with the chance for a third. Each wearable and skin will be backed by 0.2 ENJ so players can trade it or sell it later. Some of them will be presale exclusive and can be proved some of the rarest in-game items.

Excluding the presale exclusive items, the supply of the wearables and skins will be unlimited but they come with a big discount during the pre-sale period. Each crate will be available for $9.99 USD two crates for $16.99 and three for $19.99.

Special Rewards

During the presale period, there will be three different special rewards.

  • The first 700 unique users that will purchase Cubes will also receive a Founder’s token as well. Note that Founder’s token removes fees in the marketplace!
  • The top 5 users that adopted the most number of cubes will receive a very special prize pack.
  • The top 5 users that will open the most number of crates will receive a special prize pack.

Nestables is definitely an interesting game every Multiverse gamer should try out! Stay tuned to for more content and of course a review once the game is out!

Check Out The Presale Page

Connect With Nestables: Telegram, Twitter, Medium

This is not investment advice, please be responsible when you spend money, it’s a game and it should be treated as. Never spend more than you can afford to lose. is not responsible for any kind of loses.

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