9 Lives Arena is a true play to earn game! Forget the "donators" and rich kids who buy the best gear.


In 9 Lives Arena you won't loose a fight because your opponent owns a better weapon. Use your skills to win every battle!


Not only a cross-platform, but also cross-universe! 9LA is a multiverse game to be release for Playstation & Xbox.

Member of the Gaming Multiverse and Enjin Powered, 9LA is a triple A title under development by Touch hour!
9Lives Arena has one of the most established communities and the vast majority of blockchain gamers are eager to play the game! 9LA Is currently in closed beta!
To participate in the closed beta you must purchase an item of Tier 3 to 6 from the official store.

About 9 Lives Arena

9LA (9Lives Arena) is the first blockchain cross-platform game with focus on 1vs1 PVP gameplay. The game utilizes a cosmetics marketplace rather than selling weapons to the players. This feature makes it a unique, skill based and Play to Earn that aims to a huge player base.
9LA takes an interesting approach when it comes to champions using the permadeath feature. Your character can die, but the experience and the overall performance remains into your account rather than the champion.

Ooogy: Your AI Companion

Besides the PVP aspect in 9LA, players will be able to craft a variety of items using resources gathered from your companion, the Ooogy.
Ooogy can be used from any smartphone and it works for you even when you are offline! Use it to gather materials necesary for your next craft as well as other tasks!
The in-game marketplace features only cosmetic items and blueprints for skins, you will never have to worry about over-power (OP) champions in the arena that have spent a fortune.

Looking for a fair game to play? 9LA is for you! Coming soon in PC, Playstation & Xbox


The Cosmetics marketplace is the best way to monetize a game. Player's don't get any kind of in-game advantage so it keeps the game balanced and fair.

The Ooogy

Ooogy is powered by Artificial Inteligence and players can own as many as they want! Ooogy can also be equiped with a number of items that increase gathering time and more! It works for you even when you are offline.