Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card To Launch On October 12 For $329

Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card To Launch On October 12 For 9

Intel is taking on NVidia’s medium-range graphics cards as they announce the Intel Arc A770 GPU. The GPU will be available on October 12 and priced at $329.

Intel says that the price of A770 is very competitive when we look at its competitor – the RTX 3060 for NVidia. According to Intel, the Arc A770 is going to take on the RTX 3060 in performance. Better yet, the Arc A770 might actually outperform the RTX 3060 in Dx12.

Another reason why Intel thinks it defeated NVidia in the price-to-performance ratio is that the RTX 3060 is priced at $418 while its competitor is significantly cheaper and priced at only $329.

Intel also mentioned its Arc A750 card and said that this one will also beat the 3060 on some occasions at a lower price – the actual price of the A750 is not yet revealed. Another problem with NVidia cards is that you can almost never find their cards even close to their MSRP. Buying used cards is the only way to find them at a good price.

Now, Intel is claiming the company won’t be running into problems as they have a steady supply of cards. If that’s the case, they might be a problem solver for the gaming community.

Is The Arc A770 Actually That Fast?

Its speed will be solely dependent on the API you test it on. Intel seems to be super confident that their new card holds firm when used in Dx12 and Vulcan. Intel also claims that its A770 is 65% faster (in the best scenario) than its competition – the RTX 3060 – in ray tracing. (bold claim, intel!)

Whoever will make Intel’s third-party models is still unknown. We don’t even know at this point if its third-party models will be priced at $329 or not. As of yet, Intel hasn’t announced any manufacturing partner, and we will likely get this information on October 12th, when the GPUs are finally released.