Kingdom Karnage The New Multiverse Game

Kingdom Karnage is the new Multiverse game powered by ENJ Economy

Kingdom Karnage is one of the newest Multiverse games that utilize Enjin’s Blockchain SDK to provide a decentralized economy and ERC-1155 assets support in their game. The game will be available on multiple platforms including web, Android and iOS.

Kingdom Karnage is an upcoming free to play Trading Card Game, featuring blockchain items and using Enjin Coin for its economy. The game is currently under development by Kepithor Studios and the pre-sale is going to take place from the 25th April at 14:00 UTC with significant advantages for the early adopters to claim limited edition pre-sale Wyden chests.

Multiple single-player campaigns and Dungeons are going to be available from which players can win cards and other loot in the process. Kingdom Karnage will also feature races (Human, Undead, Orc and more) with racial campaigns that unlock new ones upon completion as well as a multiplayer dungeon for each race. In order to master the Dungeons, you have to finish them multiple times, while completing them with others in Multiplayer mode, greater treasures will be unlocked.


As a card game, all champions are pulled from your deck. The adventure in Kingdom Karnage begins with 3 cards (champions) and they can be equipped with ERC1155 items such as weaponry and armor backed by ENJ.

Cards can be dragged from the deck and placed in the green area of the game, yellow area shows where the champion can move to while the red area indicates where the attack will occur.

Each character has two numbers on it, the first one (left) indicates the attack power and the second one (right) is the health.

At the end of each turn, the characters move forward, the main goal is to take out the enemy Hero. Think of the Hero as the king in chess if he’s dead, the game ends.

To better understand the battles in Kingdom Karnage, you should check out this video.

Try the Demo of Kingdom Karnage

Player vs Player

PvP battles will be available once the players collects a full deck of 30 cards. The PvP mode offers Ranked matches with leaderboard and casual ones to practice. As expected, climbing through the ranks will unlock prizes that will greatly help to further advance in the game.

Kingdom Karnage will offer 1v1, 2v2 battles and the Keeps mode.


In Keeps mode, the winner takes 1 card from the opponent’s deck at the end of the battle as a prize! While Legendary and limited (unique) cards will be excluded from Keeps, players should choose carefully their deck considering that they might lose a valuable card that makes the difference in the game.

In-Game Items

After completing campaigns and dungeons players will be awarded items, cards, gold and more! Gold can be used to purchase card packs or other in-game items that will help players advance further in the game.
Kingdom Karnage offers a feature where if a player holds 2 same cards or more, then they can be combined to create a better version of that card with increased power, hitpoints and ability power, even new abilities might be unlocked! The same applies to items such as weapons and armor. This feature will be a key component to victory as players will be able to overcome their opponents with stronger cards. Worth to mention that if someone combines two cards that each one is backed by 4 ENJ, the new card will have a base value of 5-8 ENJ.

It takes two level 1 cards to make one level 2 card. Two level 2 cards to make one level 3 card, two level 3 cards to make one level 4 card, and so on.

As a multiverse game, items in Kingdom Karnage are ERC-1155 tokens backed by ENJ coins and they will be freely traded in decentralized exchanges as well as the in-game marketplace.

Some cards will be so unique and rare that players won’t be able to level them up unless they own a special token that can be collected from multiplayer dungeons and events.

How to Get Free Items

As the community reaches certain goals in the run-up to launch day, the game will be offering free packs and items. The more people joining the Kingdom Karnage telegram channel, the more the rewards will be.

Also, there is quiz going to be hosted today, April 22 18:00 UTC in the Multiverse Era telegram channel where 30 Kingdom Karnage items are going to be given away!

We hope you liked our presentation of Kingdom Karnage, don’t forget that the presale will occur on April 25th where early adopters can get a chest including a random item for 25$.

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