Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

Kingdom Karnage to Integrate Kriptomat Services

The Multiverse-enabled European cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat, released a payment widget option allowing webmasters and developers to integrate it into websites, games, and applications. Kingdom Karnage is the first game to add this option on its website, and provide a seamless buy and sell crypto experience to its users. Blockchain games demand users to buy, sell, store, and transfer …

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Kriptomat, MakerDAO and Forgotten Artifacts Team Up to Launch Unique Enjin-Based Blockchain Minigame.

A new Enjin-based Mini-Game is coming these days in celebration of DAI stablecoin listing in Kriptomat. In collaboration with Maker, Forgotten Artifacts and Enjin, players will have the opportunity to claim a unique NFT called DAInerys, Burner of Volatility with only 1000 copies available. The mini-quests will take place in Forgotten Artifacts dungeons and the …

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Kriptomat Introduces Reward Program For Mobile & QR For 1 Million Users

Kriptomat Releases QR-Code That Distributes 100 Million Blockchain Assets

Not long ago, Kriptomat announced the world’s first gamified blockchain rewards program and now its time to be integrated into the Mobile app of Kriptomat, a European regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

Kriptomat app users are now able to scan a QR code and receive blockchain assets instantly. To demonstrate and celebrate this new innovation, the first million people to install the Kriptomat app and scan the QR code using Android and iOS will receive 100 Kriptos.

What are Kriptos?

Blockchain-powered reward points! Kriptos offer access to games within the Kriptomat reward program and anyone can use them to receive NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens) that unlock discounts for buying cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but those NFTs can be used across 20 Multiverse Games with a single inventory!

Riders of Kriptomat unlocks new opportunities and a never-seen-before method to merge retail industry with the gaming sector. Companies any scale, including small local stores can use this technology to revolutionize their customer experience and offer blockchain-based rewards.

Dragon Riders of Kriptomat


The Riders of Kriptomat is the first big step to create enterprise reward solutions based on the blockchain for Reewardio. Every business owner, regardless of the size, will be able to use Reewardio’s services to offer plug and play, customized versions of the Kriptomat’s rewards program. The rewards can apply everywhere, retail shops, education engagement and workplace motivation. The platform is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2019 under the Beyond Horizon brand.

“I’m really excited for people to experience how easy it is now to receive powerful blockchain assets via the Kriptomat app. This truly aligns with our mission to make blockchain more accessible for the general public. More than ever, Kriptomat is the best place for people who know nothing about blockchain to experience its full potential and buy cryptocurrencies with zero learning curve. We hope this spills into the wider retail market and is a catalyst to many new users pouring into the blockchain space.”

Srdjan Mahmutovich, Kriptomat CEO.

Enjin – Powering Everything

The QR feature was introduced as Enjin Beam from Enjin Blockchain. Multiverse gamers are well aware of the Enjin Beam as it’s integrated inside the Enjin Wallet. All the items that users receive through QR codes are ERC-1155 assets powered by the Enjin community and backed with ENJ Tokens.

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Riders of Kriptomat – The World’s First Gamified Rewards Program

Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

Innovation is like a high-speed train, at least, this is what we learn from the Enjin family where its members keep pushing further for blockchain adoption without any signs of stopping. Today, I’m thrilled to present to you the “Dragon Riders of Kriptomat“. The world’s first blockchain-based gamified reward program that you will soon experience …

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Beyond Horizon Launches $10 Minting Service

beyond horizon minting

Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular company is not active any more. Beyond Horizon, a new groundbreaking blockchain company launches a $10 Cryptocurrency minting service for fungible and non-fungible tokens on and to further improve the ease of minting blockchain-based assets and mass adoption. Users will be able to create their own assets, without …

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Epic Giveaway Join Now The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

The Multiverse Regulated Exchange platform Kriptomat is close to the release of the in-exchange reward program “The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat” and the greatest news is that they have started to reward the early supporters already! Powered by Enjin The Dragons Riders of Kriptomat is a gamified experience that will include playable games, collectible, crafting, and …

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GG Specials: – The Multiverse Regulated Exchange

Welcome to the GG Specials articles series, within the next days, we will present you all the games and platforms that assisted the Global Guerillas social sharing game which you can still participate until July 12th. Don’t miss your chance to win some “Ukuduma Blue Dragons” MFT by Kriptomat in the Global Guerillas. In this …

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The First-Ever ERC1155 Minting Competition by Kriptomat

A wonderful minting competition is active by the Multiverse enabled exchange, Kriptomat. It’s the first-ever minting competition we have seen and Kriptomat will mint with $100 worth of ENJ the top 3 submissions based on users votes as well as 3 selected submissions. You are not a creator? No problem! 50 of the Ukuduma Blue …

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Meet The Kriptomat Multiverse With Over 24 Supported Games

The regulated fiat-to-crypto exchange Kriptomat announced today that is partnering with eight-game studios, all of them members of the Gaming Multiverse to support Kriptomat’s blockchain assets in 24 games in total. Kriptomat users will be able to earn ERC-1155 tokens by trading on the platform and use them in various Multiverse games, creating with that …

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Kriptomat Gamifies The User Experience Using Enjins Technology

A never seen before user gamification experience is under development by Kriptomat, a regulated European fiat-to-crypto currency exchange with features and usability capable to challenge Coinbase.Utilizing Enjins’s Technology, Kriptomat plans to offer various advantages to the users by natively integrating the ERC-1155 Standard into its platform. Aiming to increase user retention and acquisition users will …

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