Meet The Kriptomat Multiverse With Over 24 Supported Games

Meet The Kriptomat Multiverse With Over 24 Supported Games Kriptomat users will be able to earn ERC-1155 tokens by trading on the platform and use them in various Multiverse games, creating with that way a network of interconnected games, the Kriptomat Multiverse.

The regulated fiat-to-crypto exchange Kriptomat announced today that is partnering with eight-game studios, all of them members of the Gaming Multiverse to support Kriptomat’s blockchain assets in 24 games in total.

Kriptomat users will be able to earn ERC-1155 tokens by trading on the platform and use them in various Multiverse games, creating with that way a network of interconnected games, the Kriptomat Multiverse.

The innovative partnership brought to life by taking advantage of the advanced ERC-1155 token standard where players will synchronize their wallets with each game, allowing them to monitor their inventory and receive the appropriate in-game assets.

With the goal of increasing stability in the cryptocurrency market, Kriptomat’s legally compliant exchange platform was founded one year ago on February 7, 2018. With strict security protocols and impenetrable cryptocurrency wallets, Kriptomat conducted in-depth market research to select and list the top tokens with real-world utility. Users in Europe can now seamlessly purchase 23 top cryptocurrencies via credit card and EUR bank deposit on The exchange also plans to add new payment methods and services in the near future, making it easier than ever for users to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

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This great news comes in addition to the recent GDAC announcement which also made public their intentions to adopt the ERC-1155 token standard and gamify the user experience.

Over the 6 past months, many of the games adopting Enjin’s blockchain game development platform have given “founder’s tokens” to the founding members of their communities. Kriptomat has also announced that they will reward all holders of multiverse founders’ tokens with special bounties within their exchange. This further nurtures an interconnected gamification experience where users can earn items through gaming communities and then use them on and vice versa.

The Kriptomat Multiverse

As a subsection of Enjin’s Multiverse, Kriptomat aims to gamify the user experience by offering a wide range of items to their loyal traders. A number of games that utilize Enjin’s blockchain game development platform have already announced their support.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424, where the collapse of society has led to the end of all technological advancements. Without the ability to maintain any infrastructure, advanced AI robots are driving humanity to extinction.

In 650,000m2 terrain, players will be able to explore lost worlds, mysterious caves and abandoned space stations while fighting others, hostile environments and rogue machines in real time. The upcoming 3D RPG game is expected to launch in late 2019 by SpacePirate Games.

War of Crypto

War of Crypto, one of the very first games that joined Multiverse is under development for Mobile & Browser. The PvP game features unique and evolvable heroes that fight each other.

Made by Lucille Game using Unity Engine, War of Crypto had two successful pre-sale rounds and a big supportive community.

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AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building platform that enables users to create, play, and monetize an infinite number of interconnected digital experiences. Alterverse is utilizing Enjin’s technology to integrate ERC-1155 blockchain assets across 17 gaming worlds.

The first release from Alterverse will be Disruption, a space-themed First Person RPG game through steam, the accessories gaming community with over 125 million users. The game will be available in Q1 of 2019.

9Lives Arena

Aiming to be the first Cross-Platform Blockchain Game, the development team plans to bring you a unique PVP Experience in PCPlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

9Lives Arena is the first RPG focusing on 1vs1 fantasy PvP.

Start the game by creating your own, unique champion on the blockchain with advanced customization abilities and kill your enemies.

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At its core, CryptoFights is a 1 vs 1 turn based fighting game. Imagine a turn based street fighter, but with weapons and armor that you can change to outmatch your opponent.

New players start as a low-level fighter and must win matches to earn XP and gold. XP can then be used to level up their fighter making them stronger with more ability points to allocate.

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game taking place in Chronville, a fantasy world full of exciting adventures.

Initially set to be a single player adventure, Forest Knight will allow players to explore, grind, and fight others for in-game tokens and items. After its release and when the Chrono Games team has raised enough funds, a PvP battle arena will be added to Forest Knight, enabling multiplayer functionality.

The game is currently in late development stages. It will initially be released on Android and launched on iOS soon after.

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Cats in Mechs

Cats in Mechs is a shoot ’em up RPG in which you can build cat robots, battle with others for the glory of the swords, level-up your deadly blockchain cats, and craft like a dwarf, along with many other interesting features. The game will be first available for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets, with a PC version to follow once the mobile versions are stable.


ReBounce is a casual free-to-play fast-paced arcade game for iOS with plans for an Android version in the near future. The game will integrate ERC-1155 skins (blockchain assets) using Enjin’s blockchain software development kit, the world’s most popular game development tool for Unity Engine.

In ReBounce players get to tap the screen to throw the ball against the wall, and catch it after it glows orange to score points. The ball bounces around temporary surrounding walls which makes the game fun to play.

Enjin’s SDK

Enjin’s Blockchain SDK will be soon available for Unity Engine, the world largest game development platform—which is also an Enjin partnerEnjin’s blockchain SDK provides all the necessary tools game studios and developers need to integrate blockchain technology with ease while focusing on what it matters the most, their gameThe SDK is going to be available to 4.5 Million developers who have created games with over 3 billion downloads! The developers will be able to easily mint ERC-1155 tokens (items) and integrate them into games for Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and more than 20 other well-known platforms.