CryptoFights leave Enjin for BSV and creates confusion to the community

cryptofights leave enjin for bitcoin sv

CryptoFights, the once Enjin-powered game, and early adopter confirmed yesterday their intentions to switch over to Bitcoin SV. This has created more questions than answers, as the Enjin community and early CF supporters, digest the ramifications of this decision with multiple and valid arguments. It’s no secret that scalability and transaction fees on Ethereum are …

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Blockchain Gaming Digest #24 – January 12 to 19, 2020

Weekly Blockchain Gaming News

Welcome to another weekly digest! We are back after a short break and we have some exciting news for you this week.

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Top 15 Most Anticipated Crypto Games of 2019

Top 15 Most Anticipated Crypto Games of 2019

With so many trailers, presales, teasers, and giveaways, many of us have acquired equipment, multiverse founder tokens(MFT), characters and so much more that have yet to be even used in-game. Many of us are itching to try out that legendary weapon or that rare and limited edition character or even some cool gameplay and features …

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CryptoFights Releases New Trailer & Some Interesting Facts

CryptoFights, the upcoming Multiverse game released a new awesome trailer showcasing gameplay and cool animation.

Currently, in closed beta, the free-to-play crypto game is developed using Unity 3D engine which allows players to experience awesome graphics on their smartphones.

The main launch of Crypto Fights is set for Q3, 2019.

In addition, Crypto Fights Presale is still active, 2225 boxes have already been sold for 25$ each. By purchasing a box you are eligible for all community bonuses. Until now, all participants have received 8 bonus items and there are 3 more to be unlocked.

Over $55,000 spent on Crypto Fights items.

Make sure you visit the presale page and claim your own box, you will also receive all the previous and probably upcoming community items bonuses.

  • More information on the presale.

Join the presale by clicking here.

Wagering system

Players can bet on their matches with the built in wagering system.

Everything is in the blockchain

All player’s moves are recorded in the blockchain. This will result to match playback with a bunch of useful analytics, eliminating cheaters by offering a transparent and clean gameplay.

Use CryptoFights items in more than 10 games

Trade or use Multiverse enabled items in over 10 games that are all part of the Gaming Multiverse.

More CryptoFights News.

Check the list of Multiverse Games

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Apply For The CryptoFights Closed Beta

Great news from the ENJ Multiverse game CryptoFights. David Schiller, lead developer of CryptoFights said in our recent interview that it’s a matter of time until they present the closed beta. Now the team decided to start accepting requests for the Android closed beta of the game. Whether you have participated in the pre-sale or …

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Meltelbrot #2 – An Interview With David Schiller, Community Manager of Cryptofights

Meltelbrot is a series of Multiverse based articles aiming to introduce and keep you up to speed on what developers, and the general Enjin community alike, are creating within the Enjin Multiverse Ecosystem. It will be on point and keep progressing from point to point. It will endeavor to provide insights, information from insiders, and the …

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CryptoFights Adopts ERC-1155 by ENJ

CryptoFights Adopts ERC-1155 by ENJ

CryptoFights Adopts ERC-1155 by ENJ. First War of Crypto, then 9Lives Arena and now CryptoFights. Next, please? Cryptofights is the first ‘completed’ game that decides to join the ERC-1155 Token Standard and offer next-generation features to its players. Thoughts in Motion, the company behind CryptoFights, a Blockchain Role Playing Game announced today with a Press Release that they are going to …

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