Apply For The CryptoFights Closed Beta

Apply For The CryptoFights Closed Beta Great news from the ENJ Multiverse game CryptoFights.

Great news from the ENJ Multiverse game CryptoFights.

David Schiller, lead developer of CryptoFights said in our recent interview that it’s a matter of time until they present the closed beta.

Now the team decided to start accepting requests for the Android closed beta of the game.

Whether you have participated in the pre-sale or not, you should complete the form and wait for your application to be accepted. Slots will be open in batches so stay calm and keep it Multiverse!

Fill the CryptoFights Beta Form

The Cryptofights team stated that candidates will be chosen based on several factors such as if they participated in the pre-sale and how many players are actually needed in this closed beta round.

Featuring serverless gameplay, CryptoFights uses a sidechain to enable high-performance gaming while securing game assets on the Ethereum mainchain. It can be described as a turn-based Street Fighter, with interchangeable weapons and armor providing a real-time strategic advantage to players who outmatch their opponents.

CryptoFights has a highly active community with a lot of fans eager to play the game. You should definitely join their telegram group for on-going giveaways and important news.

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