Splinterlands and Brave Browser Partnership

Splinterlands and Brave Browser

Blockchain-based TCG game Splinterlands and Brave Browser announced a partnership that will benefit users from both parties. Splinterlands and Brave browser both reward their users for their time and engagement, so playing Splinterlands from your Brave browser doubles your rewards!

Splinterlands will educate its users about the Brave’s benefits and use Brave as their official browser. That way, Splinterlands players will start using Brave as their primary browser instead of just playing the game. Brave will also promote Splinterlands to its audience, which counts more than 19 million monthly active users.

About Splinterlands

Splintrerlands is a next-generation Trading Card Game that features PVP ranked battles and tournaments. Players earn NFT cards and DEC Token rewards based on their performance.

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About Brave Browser

Brave is a fast, privacy-oriented browser featuring a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that rewards users and publishers with BAT Tokens. Also, Brave features a built-in Crypto Wallet for transacting directly with the Ethereum blockchain.

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BAT Tokens Enabled

Splinterlands and Brave browser partnership will also engage the BAT Token with Splinterlands. Users can now send their BAT Tokens to the game, spend them on the shop, or buy cards from other players in the game’s marketplace.

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