Beyond Horizon Launches $10 Minting Service

beyond horizon minting

Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular company is not active any more.

Beyond Horizon, a new groundbreaking blockchain company launches a $10 Cryptocurrency minting service for fungible and non-fungible tokens on and to further improve the ease of minting blockchain-based assets and mass adoption.

Users will be able to create their own assets, without any coding need by just providing a token name, description, supply amount and the token’s image along with the Ethereum address.

All the assets minted by Beyond Horizon are ERC-1155 assets, a token standard developed by Enjin that was recently adopted by the Ethereum community. All ERC-1155 tokens can be viewed using the EnjinX Ethereum blockchain explorer and managed through the Enjin Wallet.

“We are aiming to lower the barrier to adoption and increase understanding of how the blockchain can work for society as a whole. There is currently a very limited view of what blockchain is and what it can do. We believe the best way to to add more context to the public perception of blockchain technology is to get these assets into people’s hands and let them start experimenting for themselves.”

Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of Beyond Horizon.

Reewardio by Beyond Horizon

Reewardio is a retail rewards platform that will allow entrepreneurs and business owners to create blockchain assets and offer gamified reward programs using a plug-and-play web interface. The Reewardio platform is the ideal solution for rewarding consumers, employees anyone who’s loyal to a brand. The platform is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2019 and Beyond Horizon aims to scale this tool not only across the retail market but also in many mainstream industries. Some aspects of Reeewardio platform will be collecting, trading, and crafting assets to use in multiple applications and games.

The Mint Portal

MintPortal by beyond horizon
Beyond Horizon Launches $10 Minting Service 29

Another product by Beyond Horizon is the Mint Portal. Users can create a variety of blockchain assets including fungible and non-fungible assets with customizable properties. Utilizing Enjins and Kriptomat’s technology, the Mint Portal is described as one-way web-based minting wizard. Issue your own blockchain assets by clicking a few buttons without hassle. Currently, MintPortal is available on the Kovan Ethereum testnet but it will soon become available on the Ethereum mainnet. Use it to mint rewards, souvenirs, in-game assets, art, business cards and pretty much everything you need!

About Beyond Horizon

Recently introduced, Beyond Horizon is a blockchain development company that aims to create products and services with a mass-market appeal based on Enjin’s Technology, lead by Simon Kertonegoro. The company board consists of professionals who created Kriptomat, Spletnik, and Platformax.

The company is exceeding expectations, even that it’s recently created by offering advanced and innovative service to the public. Make sure you follow the progress of Beyond Horizon as it is going to be a game-changer company. An introductory article can be found in the official blog.