Blocklords : Mainnet launch and close beta review

Blocklords is a strategic territorial expansion and role-playing game that is deployed on the Tron mainnet and will be on the NEO network next month. Blocklords had won the NEO.GAME blockchain award last year and also clinched one of the top prizes from TRON accelerator earlier this year. We congratulate them for their wonderful achievement and this is also a reason why they did not need to do a presale as well.

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They also have plans to release an Ethereum version as well as a Facebook non-crypto version to draw more players into crypto gaming. They have lots more in store for everyone but we’ll all have to wait and find out!


Blocklords isn’t free to play and every player is required to create a hero which cost 500 TRX. Before getting into the game, you will need to have Tronlink installed first. The first batch of heroes and items created will be Generation 0 and there will only be 1000 heroes available for grabs. Once the hero is created it will pledge his allegiance to you forever and you won’t be able to use a different hero unless using a different wallet.

After creating your hero, you will be able to see your hero’s stats, equipment, troops, and inventory. You will be able to get more info on each item by hovering your mouse over the item. A pop-up box will appear showing the description, experience, and stats of the item. Access your hero page anytime by clicking on your hero’s avatar icon at the top left corner of the screen.

Besides strengthening your hero and getting better equipment, you will also need to take note of the troop level as well. Going into battle with a troop disadvantage will affect the outcome of a battle as well. There are three different objectives which you will be able to launch an attack on the map. Firstly, a stronghold which everyone will be fighting very hard for. Next will be cities which you can earn money from and lastly are bandits which you can gain equipment experience from defeating them.

When you pick an objective to attack, you will be shown a battle page.

You will be able to check out your opponent’s equipment and troops. You can always cancel the battle if you find the battle unfavourable. You will not lose anything if you cancel. Every attack will cause a certain number of troops to be depleted for both the attacker and defender as well. Troops will take about 40minutes to fully recover and you might encounter opponents with troops already depleted while you have your full strong army ready to invade. Use this to your advantage for easier victories.

Players will also be able to purchase equipment in game at the marketplace to enhance hero stats. Every city will have a marketplace of their own and you will be able to freely visit any city to check out the items which are on sale.

There is also a world market which you will be able to check out all items from all the markets. It is accessible from the commodities icon beside the map icon at the top right corner of the screen. Depending on where players purchase their items from, there will be a tax on it and a percentage will go to the city lord.


Generation 0 items will be super valuable as the game progresses. Those items will be used to forge higher quality items from later generations. Try to get as many as you can as supply is limited!
Occupying a stronghold entitles you for a chance to a random item drop every 800 blocks. Besides that, your troops will have a faster recovery rate(25 minutes to full) if you occupy a stronghold. However, every player can only occupy one stronghold at a time so there will be strong competition to conquer one.

Because there is a troop recovery rate, players might want to time their attacks as well in order to maximise their attacking efficiency.
Every player will be able to occupy as many cities as they want. This will allow the player to earn more income.

If you find yourself having trouble occupying a stronghold or city, head over to the map to wreck some bandits. Bandits give item exp which helps to level up your item which will give you the extra boost to finally occupy the other objectives.
Strongholds will have the highest capture priority and be sure to occupy one whenever you can. It will definitely give you an offensive advantage due to the lower recovery rate of troops as well as the random drop every 800 blocks.


The game is slow pace and doesn’t allow players to directly dominate the map straight away due to troop recovery timings. While players focus on getting their hero stronger, they will also need to plan and time their attacks as well. The game requires players to have some TRX as well to carry out actions which are similar to paying gas fees. Be sure to have some TRX in your Tronlink wallet after purchasing your hero.(Freezing TRX gives you bandwidth which makes the fees super cheap) Players will be able to earn by selling items as well as occupying cities so there will a huge load of competitiveness to conquer and maintain leadership of those objectives. Blocklords will also have many cool ideas and tactical battles that will be implemented in-game in the future so be sure to look out for that.
You can join their telegram or follow their twitter for more information and updates.

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