The First-Ever ERC1155 Minting Competition by Kriptomat

A wonderful minting competition is active by the Multiverse enabled exchange, Kriptomat. It’s the first-ever minting competition we have seen and Kriptomat will mint with $100 worth of ENJ the top 3 submissions based on users votes as well as 3 selected submissions. You are not a creator? No problem! 50 of the Ukuduma Blue Dragons – The Kriptomat Founders Token will be given away to 50 lucky winners who participate in the gleam giveaway even if you don’t submit a creation!

The creative contest requires you to create a cool item using the recently announced Kriptomat Mint Portal, an innovative and easy to use application where users can mint their own fungible (ERC20) and non-fungible (ERC1155) tokens! Head over to the Kriptomat website, learn more about the competition and vote your favorite submissions! Competition ends 13th of June 2019.

Visit The Competition Page

Kriptomat: The Unique Multiverse Trading Experience

The regulated exchange offers a unique gamification experience and it fully supports the Gaming Multiverse! Kriptomat is known for the ease of use as its created for both experienced and non-experienced users in mind! Aiming to increase user retention and acquisition users will interact with a tokenized experience which offers trading points, collectibles, referral rewards, and gaming items.

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The Kriptomat Mint Portal

Kriptomat recently released their own Minting portal and we have to say that we are amazed! Users can easily mint their own blockchain assets (ERC20 & ERC1155) with a few clicks All the assets minted by the Kriptomat Minting Portal are stored, protected, and managed on the most secure and decentralized blockchain in the world – Ethereum. There are numerous use cases for minting blockchain assets such as in-game items, authenticity tokens, membership cards, coupons and pretty much anything you can think!

Watch this great video about the Kriptomat Mint Portal.

Visit The Kriptomat Mint Portal

The Kriptomat STO

The Security Token Offering by Kriptomat is the way to invest in the regulated European exchange. The company decided to conduct an STO rather than seeking for Institutional funding and all participants can earn from Kriptomat’s performance!

The company is allocation 8% of revenue sharing and 4% profit sharing via dividends to the holders of their ERC token. Kriptomat aims to raise 1.8M Euro from their STO and individuals can participate with as low as 250 Euro.

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