Chiliz NFT Collectibles To Use Enjin Platform For Sports Teams & Entertainment Partners

Chilliz, a fan engagement-focused project announced a collaboration with the gaming cryptocurrency Enjin Coin. Starting with, Chilliz will use Enjin’s blockchain development platform to create branded collectibles for world-known sports and entertainment industry partners. Noteworthy, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid and Dota 2 champions OG are among them. This new partnership brings Chiliz …

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Microsoft & Enjin Collaboration is Bigger Than Most of You Think

microsoft enjin azure heroes

Enjin has come a long way since it’s ICO in 2017, receiving global recognition from multinational companies such as Microsoft and Samsung. Of course, these partnerships are not “pump and dump” stories like the ones we have used to see in the crypto space, but a spin-off of hard work and constant evolution towards better gaming, …

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ERC-1155 Officially Recognised by Ethereum & Why This is Important

Another great day for Enjin Coin as Ethereum adopts the ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard. The hard work Enjin and the incredible community, devoted to developing the most innovative Token Standard will live forever on the Ethereum blockchain as it’s now permanently unchangeable and available to every Ethereum developer! It was exactly one year ago when …

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Enjin Meetup Singapore & Introduction Into Enjin Ecosystem

A big shoutout to TheDappers, AltcoinBuzz, and Enjin for hosting this amazing event to spread more awareness about the amazing things Enjin is doing and is able to do. The meetup was about a 2hours event held in Singapore and people of all ages were streaming in to learn more about Enjin. After some introduction …

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The First-Ever ERC1155 Minting Competition by Kriptomat

A wonderful minting competition is active by the Multiverse enabled exchange, Kriptomat. It’s the first-ever minting competition we have seen and Kriptomat will mint with $100 worth of ENJ the top 3 submissions based on users votes as well as 3 selected submissions. You are not a creator? No problem! 50 of the Ukuduma Blue …

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Bringing Fashion to the Blockchain: ERC-1155 Authenticity Tokens

We are happy to officially launch our Global Guerillas merchandise store. A place to grab exclusive apparel from the GG brand representing the upcoming social sharing game–Global Guerillas. We feel this store is important to the blockchain, ERC-1155 and Enjin Coin movement because it showcases a massive opportunity for adoption within a fashion industry rife …

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Have You Seen The New EnjinX ERC-1155 Trailer?

Great things are happening in the Enjin Camp.

With the new upcoming ERC-1155 Update, users will be able to search and validate all ERC-1155 assets including items from the Multiverse Games and all applications that use Enjin’s advanced blockchain technology.

The EnjinX is an advanced Ethereum explorer, the fastest available out there without advertisements. Built with users in mind, EnjinX is available on all devices with a great and friendly interface.

Visit EnjinX Explorer

The ERC-1155 Token Standard

Described as the most advanced Ethereum token standard and well-known as the Multi-token standard, ERC-1155 allows developers to create unlimited fungible (identical) and non-fungible (unique) blockchain assets with a single smart contract. Based on ERC-20 and ERC-721, the advanced token standard by Enjin Coin offers faster transaction times, significantly lower gas fees and mass token production (and transfer) with minimal effort.

Developers can frictionless integrate any ERC-1155 asset due to the thorough standardization of ERC-1155 data structures in their games, enabling them to become part of the Gaming Multiverse and offer a cross-gaming experience to the players by using a single blockchain inventory (wallet) across all the supported games.

Enjin Coin & Unity 3D Engine – Soon to a Game Near You

The day that Enjin Blockchain SDK will be featured in the front page of Unity Engine Asset Store is approaching as Enjin Coin, the leading gaming cryptocurrency has announced that it’s Testnet Version will be live in time for the GDC event where Enjin with a number of Multiverse games will showcase their platform and …

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Containment Corps: Defend The Tower in The Newest Enjin Game

Nimbus Interactive announces plans to use the Enjin Platform to integrate blockchain-based items into Containment Corps, an online multiplayer experience that mixes first-person action with cooperative strategy and tower defense elements, currently available to play on Steam. A new game is joining the Enjin Family by adopting the most advanced Ethereum token standard, ERC-1155 to offer blockchain-based items in …

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