Enjin Meetup Singapore & Introduction Into Enjin Ecosystem

A big shoutout to TheDappers, AltcoinBuzz, and Enjin for hosting this amazing event to spread more awareness about the amazing things Enjin is doing and is able to do. The meetup was about a 2hours event held in Singapore and people of all ages were streaming in to learn more about Enjin.

After some introduction of the event by TheDappers team, they invited Patrick to continue the presentation with an introduction into Enjin and to provide more information onto what Enjin really does.

Patrick goes on to use one of his favorites and best-played games Magic The Gathering as well as the battle royale game Fortnite to illustrate how Enjin can solve many burning issues and encourage gamers/developers to move towards blockchain gaming as well.

As of 2015, Magic the Gathering(MTG) had over 20 million players with over 20 billion Magic cards created. In 2018, one of the rarest MTG cards was sold for $87,000 on eBay. MTG also held countless tournaments with Grand Prix having 6 digit prize pools being their biggest and most professional achievement.

As much as players love the game, there are many concerns which the players will have especially with the physical version of the game. Cards get lost, cards get damaged and players might need to spend more money when a new series of cards are released. Some players might not be able to be physically present for tournaments due to time or location. Some players might also have difficulty trading cards and some cards might become irrelevant when a new series of cards get released. These are just some of the common problems players will face.

Fortnite has seen a huge amount of success and has close to 250million registered users as of this year. Fortnight is playable on PC, mobile and even gaming consoles and is free to play. However, users can buy in-game currency to purchase cosmetics such as character and weapon skins.

As of now, those skins aren’t tradable are many players are begging and eagerly waiting for this feature to be implemented. V-bucks(in-game currency for Fortnite) cannot be sold back and can only be used to purchase skins or unlock the battle pass.

What can Enjin achieve?

This segment was further elaborated by Patrick and Shashwat, CEO of AltcoinBuzz. As mentioned above, players will face problems when they commit to a game and most of the time they won’t get rewarded for spending time on the game as well. To combat this, the leading gaming cryptocurrency, Enjin, has the perfect technology.
One of the crucial pieces of the puzzle is the Enjin wallet. Everyone who attended the Enjin Singapore meetup was given the experience to be able to scan a QR code which entitles them to claim an item. The first step for new blood and an addition to their collection for experienced users.

Unfortunately, for those reading the article all the items have been redeemed but having the Enjin wallet installed is already a big win. Besides being the world’s most secure cryptocurrency wallet, it is also a gamer’s inventory or a collector’s library.

With the Enjin wallet, users will be able to view their ERC-1155 tokens under the collectibles section. If you take a look at an item description, you can see that your items are being backed by a certain amount of Enjin. This gives all items a certain amount of value tied to it and no item can ever be considered worthless. You can read more about the usage of Enjin coin here.


Let’s take a look at one of Enjin trading card games Matterborn and see what Enjin brings to it. The item shown below is Matterborn’s founder token.

The Matterborn founders token has multiple utilities. If you read the description on this item, the founder’s token acts as a card in-game as well as a discount entitlement on future purchases and also airdrops to the wallet it is in. The token is also backed by 0.1Enj and also has a limited supply of 300.
As all cards are tokens stored in digital wallets, some common issues of physical trading card games are instantly eliminated. Cards will never get damaged or lost and they can be easily accessed wherever you are just by using a phone. Players will be able to participate in tournaments no matter where they are. Blockchain gaming also prevents any form of cheating as everything is transparent on the blockchain. With the high security of the Enjin wallet, it also makes it almost impossible for accounts to be hacked which makes it way superior to online trading card games.
Due to Enjin recent feature of having a Dapp browser in-built in their wallet, Matterborn has fully utilized this to let users browse their whole deck in a simpler way.

As cards have a certain backing and a limited number of each, this gives additional value on top of the utility it provides. When more and more cards are being released, players might not even need to purchase those as they can get airdropped by holding items such as a founder’s token.
Additionally, cards even the most common of rarities will be easily tradable and sellable on the open markets which give players more confidence to be able to commit to a game and also provides players with ways to earn money as well.
You can read about an interview with Matterborn’s founder here.
Telegram: https://t.me/MatterbornTCG

Forgotten Artifacts

Forgotten Artifacts is the first game to be integrated by Enjin that is playable at the moment. Patrick shared this great game to the audience at the meet up which was perfect as it showed how amazing the integration is. Watch their video and see what I mean.

Items looted in-game are immediately transferred into your digital wallet. That is as good as picking up money from the floor! This a just a small glimpse onto what Enjin can really do but it is so satisfying already.
You can read about an interview with their sole developer here.
Website: https://forgottenartifacts.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/forgottenartifact

Multiverse items

These are a special set of items which will be playable in multiple games in the Enjin ecosystem. You can read more about multiverse items and a special quest here.

However, this doesn’t stop here. Besides being able to use these items in multiple games, developers can also integrate items from other games into their game as well.

Imagine being able to use a skin in Fortnite in League of Legends as well! The possibilities are endless. You can read more about why people should choose Enjin from a game developers perspective here.


The meetup ended on a good note with everyone getting a nft from AltcoinBuzz.

This is a limited edition nft only available to those who attended the event. A huge thanks to AltcoinBuzz in providing everyone with something more to take home! AltcoinBuzz has a huge community and it brings about great confidence and joy that they are supportive of Enjin as well.

Website: https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/DLi8Ug8negQrbwYO-oqNRA
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/altcoinbuzz


We would like to thank Patrick and Shashwat once again for their outstanding presentation and many of the attendees have indeed learned more about Enjin. The number of use cases for Enjin is countless and the utility is definitely top tier. There is still lots to explore in the Enjin ecosystem and so much more can be achieved using ERC1155 tokens. We hope to be able to see more meetups organized for people to learn more about Enjin as well. There are many communities out there having lots of fun and interesting ways in using the ERC1155 tokens and especially founder tokens which are extremely valuable. We’ll leave it up to you to explore the vast world of Enjin!
Enjin Website: https://www.enjin.com/
Enjin explorer: https://enjinx.io/
Enjin telegram: https://t.me/enjin_coin

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