Have You Seen The New EnjinX ERC-1155 Trailer?

Great things are happening in the Enjin Camp.

With the new upcoming ERC-1155 Update, users will be able to search and validate all ERC-1155 assets including items from the Multiverse Games and all applications that use Enjin’s advanced blockchain technology.

The EnjinX is an advanced Ethereum explorer, the fastest available out there without advertisements. Built with users in mind, EnjinX is available on all devices with a great and friendly interface.

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The ERC-1155 Token Standard

Described as the most advanced Ethereum token standard and well-known as the Multi-token standard, ERC-1155 allows developers to create unlimited fungible (identical) and non-fungible (unique) blockchain assets with a single smart contract. Based on ERC-20 and ERC-721, the advanced token standard by Enjin Coin offers faster transaction times, significantly lower gas fees and mass token production (and transfer) with minimal effort.

Developers can frictionless integrate any ERC-1155 asset due to the thorough standardization of ERC-1155 data structures in their games, enabling them to become part of the Gaming Multiverse and offer a cross-gaming experience to the players by using a single blockchain inventory (wallet) across all the supported games.