Bringing Fashion to the Blockchain: ERC-1155 Authenticity Tokens

We are happy to officially launch our Global Guerillas merchandise store. A place to grab exclusive apparel from the GG brand representing the upcoming social sharing game–Global Guerillas.

We feel this store is important to the blockchain, ERC-1155 and Enjin Coin movement because it showcases a massive opportunity for adoption within a fashion industry rife with counterfeit products.

The blockchain provides the perfect solution, in the form of immutable, transparent, and incorruptible authenticity tokens, for this industry-wide problem.

Why is this important to fashion?

We are living in the counterfeit era. According to Forbes, in 2018, counterfeiting was the largest criminal enterprise in the world. Sales of counterfeit and pirated goods total $1.7 trillion per year, which is more than the drug trade and human trafficking industry combined. It is expected to grow to $2.8 trillion and cost 5.4 million jobs by 2022.

To give you an example, a friend of mine bought a €2,000 designer dress from a local retail store during her visit to Milano, one of the buttons fell off before she had even left the city. Since she was in the city of fashion where the dress was designed, she paid a visit to the original store to get the product fixed. Now guess what, the employee advised her that the product was counterfeit–a €2,000 imitation.

And now, here’s a wise meme — soon to a store near you.

How can ERC-1155 tokens help?

Imagine a tokenized world where every high-value product comes with a token of authenticity issued by its manufacturer. Right now, the sneakers you paid a premium for might well be a copy of the originals, you can’t possibly know until something falls right off it. But, if a product comes with an ERC-1155 authenticity certificate and you can validate its token ID within the Enjin Wallet instantly. You can rest easy knowing your item is high-quality and you can even verify the rarity of the item–if it’s a limited edition.

If this use case were to take off, imagine the possibilities for Enjin Coin–80 billion items of clothing are produced each year. If every item of clothing in the world came with an ERC-1155 authenticity token backed with 1 ENJ, the entire supply of Enjin Coin would be minted into tokens within 5 days. Of course, the amount of ENJ placed inside each token would have been fallen far before the supply of ENJ would ever completely diminish–but you get the idea. As we all know, mass adoption of Enjin Coin equals rarity. We should all work together to create as much adoption as possible.

The Global Guerillas Authentication Tokens. On the bottom you can see the TOKEN ID.

How urgent is the problem?

Companies are closing down, people are losing jobs, and consumers are getting low-quality products due to counterfeiting–we are confident that Enjin Coin provides the answer. Any designer can jump onto the Enjin Mintshop right now and create their own authenticity tokens. It’s mind blowing how easy it is for real businesses to be able to command the blockchain–thanks to Enjin.

That is why we at are happy to support this innovative project by trialing our own set of authenticity tokens. We are proud to showcase this use-case to the world and show them how easy it is to use the power of the blockchain to fight corruption and protect consumers. Furthermore, the majority of funds earned will go towards an ERC-1155-based viral social media game that we are producing called Global Guerillas. The aim of the game will be to promote the Enjin multiverse and the winners will win GG apparel as well as very rare Enjin-sponsored tokens.

Can someone fake an authenticity token?

No one can ever fake a token ID. If customers were to be educated as to how to validate their items, counterfeiting would quickly become unsustainable. Enjin has also previously stated that they have multiple solutions in mind for the inevitable future when people start counterfeiting tokens. From the little information we know, we assume it might look like a verification stamp on EnjinX or the Enjin Wallet.

How about another Authenticity Token meme?

What stops counterfeiters from providing fake products with a real token?

Counterfeiters make copious amounts of money mass-producing fake goods at a low price and on-selling them at a huge profit. The only way a counterfeiter can get a real authenticity token is from buying it from the manufacturer. Even if they on-sold the real token with a fake product, they could only do it once and then they would have to buy another product to get another real token. This would undermine their whole business structure. So while it is possible for this outcome to occur it would still heavily diminish the profitability of counterfeiting and therefore reduce the number of businesses that would partake in this shady practice.

Let’s show the fashion world how it’s done.

The Global Guerillas’ Store is the perfect way to demonstrate to the world how blockchain, ERC-1155, and Enjin’s Platform can stop forgery and counterfeiting once for all. If someone claims to sell an original global guerillas t-shirt, you should expect the certificate token with the matching ID to come with it.

It’s not a coincidence that we chose Enjin’s blockchain technology to issue our authenticity tokens. They are the only team with an accessible solution and thus proudly deserve recognition as the most innovative and adoption-driven blockchain project in the space. ERC-1155 tokens are the most advanced form of virtual asset to date and with the new Enjin Wallet update, companies may soon be able to issue authentication tokens with certificate codes which could match the product ID numbers on each item.

The Global Guerillas Store.

Once again, we are proud to innovate. As one of the first blockchain gaming websites we are delighted to host a store using the most sophisticated method of product validation available to the general public. In the Global Guerillas store, you will find 5 epic T-Shirts featuring champions from the upcoming social sharing game inspired by the endless possibilities of the Gaming Multiverse.

With each T-Shirt, you will receive an exclusive authenticity token, one of the very first ever minted in the world, delivered to your Enjin Collectible Address. We are convinced that ERC-1155 certificates will find their way out of the blockchain community and into the fashion industry, becoming a world standard for authentication of apparel. It feels great to be at the forefront of a movement, I hope you feel proud to be here too.

The revenue generated through the Global Guerillas Store will be used to fund the Global Guerillas game itself. We will allocate 60% of earnings to the Global Guerillas Enjin Multiverse awareness campaign. Half will be used for the marketing of Season 1 and the other half for the Season 2. Moreover, 15% will be given to the Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB) to help them continue with their goal of promoting Enjin and the Gaming Multiverse while will keep 25% of the revenue to further develop the website as add more features to drive blockchain adoption.

Introducing: Global Guerillas

In case you’re wondering, Global Guerillas is a social sharing game which is designed to spread awareness of the Enjin multiverse to thousands of people beyond the Enjin community. To reach new audiences and get them to play as well, we have split the game into two parts.

Part 1, Founder’s Run: The goal is to get new audiences to play the game and make it go viral. Therefore, each founder will get a poster or flyer that contains an advertisement for Global Guerillas as a game and their challenge will be to post it or stick it in as many publically accessible locations as possible. We want civilians and no-coiners seeing the poster and joining the movement. The flyer will feature an Enjin Beam QR code that delivers one of three mission token at random to everyone that scans it. The mission token will provide that new Enjin user with a mission. Every founder will receive all mission tokens, as well as an exciting collection of other prizes that we will soon announce.

Part 2, Mission Tokens: By scanning a QR code, players will randomly receive one of the three Guerilla champion tokens with a backstory and a mission. No matter what mission a player gets, it will heavily involve creating awareness for the Enjin Multiverse. The token will also advise the player to register their mission on the Global Guerillas website for their chance to win. Winners will receive rare Enjin-sponsored tokens along with extremely rare Global Guerillas Apparel.

We are adding the final touches, so expect a launch announcement soon.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the movement!

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