Cryptoman is launching its biggest tournament so far with a 1500$ prize pool

Cryptoman tournament

Some of you may remember our article about Tronman last year, Cryptomans predecessor. Since then, the bomberman-inspired game evolved drastically. It’s now joining players from 8 different blockchains on a single multiplayer battlefield. You get to choose, which coin you stake and earn the stakes of the players, you kill, in the currency of their choice.

Since the latest update, you don’t even need to risk a single satoshi if you don’t want to. When you die without any coins left, you’ll haunt the battlefield as a ghost. As a ghost, you can still kill players and get killed, but won’t make any profit or loss until you collect enough soul shards to receive a free life again.

With this addition, literally everybody can manage to qualify for the upcoming triple tournament and win a fair share of the 1500$ in Ebakus tokens. The gaming blockchain is the official sponsor of this event. There are going to be 3 knockout rounds, each being preceded by a week-long qualification. The top 10 players of the week join the finals. But there are smaller prizes for everybody else as well, so it’s worth participating anyway.