Axie Infinity Introduces Lunalog!

Axie Infinity Introduces Lunalog!

Axie Infinity has introduced Lunalog, an innovative section packed with details about Lunacia. Users can now dive deep into badge leaderboards, axie lore, a Hall of Fame, and more by simply selecting the “Lunalog” tab on App.Axie.

Lunalog Features

Lunalog is not just a feature but a vault of invaluable information dedicated to Lunacia enthusiasts. The main attraction of this release is the badge leaderboards, spotlighting Lunacians’ achievements and encouraging healthy competition. These leaderboards, based on a unique point system, will showcase different achievements like the ownership of Mystic axies. Users will know where they rank in relation to others in various Lunacian milestones.

Engaging with Lunalog To access the badge leaderboards:

  1. Visit App.Axie.
  2. Click on the Lunalog tab.
  3. Navigate to the badge leaderboards.

Lunalog Contest: Show Your Achievements

To commemorate the launch of Lunalog, App.Axie has announced a special social contest. Participants stand a chance to win a unique Japanese axie. The rules are simple: like repost, and bookmark App.Axie’s announcement on the X platform (previously known as Twitter). Additionally, contestants should create a distinct post showcasing their top ranking using the #lunalog hashtag. While securing a spot in the Top 500 leaderboards is a criterion, winners will be selected randomly, emphasizing that higher ranks don’t necessarily ensure a win.