Axie Infinity Partnered With Samsung Blockchain Wallet


Huge news from the fantasy collectible game Axie Infinity as Samsung added support for the game to their Blockchain Wallet. Players can now trade Axies and battle directly through the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

Users can find the game in the Dapp section and access it through the built-in web 3 browser. Furthermore, Axie Infinity is currently developing a mobile application that is expected to launch soon. The strategic partnership with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is definitely going to be a huge advantage for the future of the game as it will offer exposure to the hundreds of million users of Samsung devices.

About The Game

Axie Infinity Partnered With Samsung Blockchain Wallet
Axie Infinity Partnered With Samsung Blockchain Wallet 2

Axie Infinity is a collectible card blockchain game built on the Ethereum network with Loom integration. Players can breed, raise, train and battle in-game pets called Axies. Each Axie is unique with its own skills and characteristics. By combining different body parts you can change its battle stats and create the deadliest fantasy creature. Each fight is a 3v3 straight battle with your opponent. Axies use their attacks in a pre-set order so it is necessary to create your Axie team with a wise strategy in your mind.

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Axies can be freely traded in the decentralized marketplace for a fair profit. To start with the game you need an Ethereum Wallet like Metamask and some Axies to build your team.

You can buy Axies directly from other players in the marketplace or purchase eggs from the Axie lab. After you own some Axies you can breed them in order to expand your digital collection. There is not a preset price for each Axie and players set their own price in the marketplace.

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Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
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