BGD 145: Weekly Play To Earn & NFT News

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another Blockchain Gaming Digest.

The most playable games this week are:

  • Axie Infinity: Over 1 Million players.
  • Alien Worlds: 384,000 players.
  • CryptoBlades: 273,000 players.
  • Splinterlands: 113,000 players.
  • Upland: 53,000 players.

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My DeFi Pet Integrates Chainlink’s VRF Technology

My DeFi pet integrates Chainlink VRF to verify randomness on the blockchain.

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Exnetwork Capital Invests in Vulcan Forged

Crypto fund Exnetwork Capital invests big in Vulcanforged and aims to further assist in building the Vulcan Verse powered by $PYR and $LAVA tokens through staking.

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6 Ways ENJ & EFI Work Together

With the latest Efinity release, Enjin aims to create an ecosystem with affordable NFT transactions, DeFi rewards, and a mainstream NFT marketplace.

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CryptoZoon? Play To Earn Game on BSC

CryptoZoon is lately becoming one of the most popular games on the Binance Smart Chain network. CryptoZoon is a digital monsters universe with limitless play-to-earn potential. Here is everything you need to know about the game.

Party Like a Rockstar with the Hustle and Glow Party Pass of Blankos

Free to play Multiplayer game Blankos now offers 7 Play To Earn NFTs to be won while playing.

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Interview With Hoppertrophy: Grasshopper Farm’s Developer

The Meltebrot interview series is back with an in-depth talk with Hoppertrophy, the developer and mastermind behind the Enjin-based telegram Grasshopper game.

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Guild Of Guardians NFTs Are Available On Immutable X

Guild of Guardians announced minting and trading of the Wave One Founder NFTs on Immutable X is now available. 

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The Sandbox Land Sale Coming Next Week

The Sandbox announced four waves of LAND sales – every Thursday starting August 26.  

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Farsite Introduces Star Map Update

The new update includes the Star Map of Farsite with planets and galaxies. The development continues as Supernovae is building a massive play-to-earn game.

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MyNeighborAlice Pre-Alpha Version

My Neighbour Alice announced that a pre-alpha version for playtesting will open on August 31.

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Blockchain Game Alliance New Members

Blockchain Game Alliance adds the blockchain-based competitive esports platform ProLeauge and the Cat metaverse game DNAxCAT as new members.

Spores: DeFi NFT Market For The Pop Culture

This week we had a look at the Spores NFT Marketplace. Combining DeFi with creations from the Pop Culture community, Spores aims to become the go-to place for collectors and crypto users.

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