Bebeverse: Bebe Rexha Kicks Off Her Own Metaverse

Bebeverse: Bebe Rexha Kicks Off Her Own Metaverse

Bebe Rexha just launched her very own Metaverse called “Bebeverse.” This virtual world is all about celebrating her awesome new album, “Bebe.”

Bebe Rexha teamed up with Warner Records and TerraZero, a cool company from Vancouver that helps users create their own metaverse experiences. Together, they’ve cooked up something pretty rad.

When you hop into Bebeverse, you’ll turn into a Bebe avatar, ready to party with other Bebe fans. The whole place is inspired by the groovy vibes of the 70s – think disco balls, bright lights, and funky tunes. You’ll find a retro disco lobby, a sweetheart-shaped car, and even a roller rink!

This is the 3rd Official Music Video of Bebe Rexha’s new Album, “Bebe,” featuring Snoop Dogg

But that’s not all! Bebeverse is packed with fun mini-games and arcade-style challenges. To join in, just lace up your virtual roller skates and get ready to play. And the best part? You can win some fab prizes, like signed copies of Bebe’s new album or even a personalized video message from the superstar herself. How cool is that?

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, you can join the party in Bebeverse. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s boogie on down to Bebe’s virtual world and have a blast!