Bicasso: Mint Your AI-Generated NFT Today For Free

Obtain an “Exclusive Bicasso” NFT by referring your friends to Binance!
Bicasso: Mint Your AI-Generated NFT Today For Free

Leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced the official launch of Bicasso, its AI NFT generator. Today, March 29th, Bicasso is available to all for free, ultimately allowing artificial intelligence to create custom images that can be later minted into NFTs on BNB Chain.

Using a first come, first served basis, Binance opens its platform for 12 hours, permitting users worldwide to create AI-generated NFTs for free. It is noteworthy to say that only 100,000 AI NFTs can be minted.

How to Participate in Bicasso’s Global Launch

Not everyone will have the chance to participate in the AI NFT generator of Binance. However, referring your friends to Binance will grant you and them one participation ticket each. (Invite link)

Please ensure that the invited party has successfully registered with Binance during the Promotion Period. The promotion period ends 2023-03-30 at 00:00 (UTC). So hurry up and don’t miss out.

All participation tickets will be entered into the tickets pool for the selection of “Exclusive Bicasso” NFT recipients. The more users you invite, the more participation tickets you can receive, and the higher your chances of grabbing an NFT from the “Exclusive Bicasso” NFT Collection!

How to Generate an Image Using Bicasso

Binance said that there are two ways to allow AI to produce illustrations. These are: 

  • Import an Image (The core)
  • Prompt (A Prompt is a short text, more like a small description)
Bicasso: Mint Your AI-Generated NFT Today For Free 29