How to Play Bit Hotel Open Beta

Bit Hotel Launches Open Beta

Find information on how to get access at the bottom of the article.

Bit Hotel, opens its doors to its community who has seen a meteoric rise over the past few months, with over 400,000 hotel guests, until now!

Bit Hotel’s open beta will host a lot of people, and in addition to the massive list of features, they will all result in a fun and exciting gaming experience inside their fully occupied lobbies.

The Features List

The pixelated, social-first P2E gaming Metaverse has a list of the features players are set to explore upon landing in Bit Hotel’s world as their first log in:

  • A fully immersive lobby where you can meet new friends
  • Text and voice chat to converse with other hotel guests
  • The very first Bit Hotel mini-game: CryptoBomber!
  • A shop where you can redeem your hard-earned in-game tickets for NFT items
  • A Marketplace where you can sell your NFT items to other users for $BTH tokens
  • A bar where you can hang out and have a drink with your friends
  • An inventory menu where you can switch to any of the NFT characters you own to get that juicy earnings boost!
  • A number of NPCs that teach you all about Bit Hotel and even allow you to earn rewards if you report a bug you found.

These are the features, players will experience by logging in. There are also some other features that will be added in the upcoming weeks, which are:

  •  The lobby elevator will be able to take you to your Bit Hotel room
  • 4 new mini-games will be released, each with unique mechanics
  • Your Bit Hotel room will have multiple ways to customize and gate-keep
  • In-game player-to-player item trading will be released, and some secret features you will have to wait for…

Here is a guide on how to get a beta key, and become a beta tester!

Leaderboard Competitions

Every season the leaderboard refreshes, giving equal chances to conquer the first spots and get rewarded. If you are one of the lucky hotel guests that found a beta key, don’t miss your chance to win and be one of the greatest!

bit hotel leaderboard Bit Hotel, opens its doors to its community who has seen a meteoric rise over the past few months, with over 400,000 hotel guests, until now!

The leaderboard consists of 5 different sections, the more sought after and competitive the section, the harder it is to get in and the better the rewards.

  • Top 5% Diamond
  • Top 15% Gold
  • Top 40% Silver
  • Top 75% Bronze
  • Top 100% Metal

Keep in mind that contestants will be clear by the end of August and be rewarded according to their rank!

Referral System

A referral system allows key holders to get an extra key by creating an account! Bit Hotel suggests to give this extra key to one of your friends (who then gets an extra key after his sign-up!) and submit it here. This will reward you with a referral bonus allocated to your account!


We have reserved 34 open beta keys for our guild and newcomers.

To take part, please fill out this form:

We will verify your participation through discord.

Please note you MUST provide feedback to the developers as this is a play-test.

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