Get Your Free Soccerverse Starter Pack

Get Your Free Soccerverse Starter Pack

Soccerverse, a community-driven, multiplayer football management simulator, is giving away starter packs for players to get into the game and look around!

In this Soccerverse BETA temporarily giveaway, the game will be passing away:

  • A Free Users Account (NFT)
  • 10 Share Packs (1000 Shares in random clubs)
  • 1000 SMC (in-game currency)
  • Receive an Airdrop in the full release

In order to get the FREE starter pack, fill out the form

About SoccerVerse (Previously known as Soccer Manager Elite)

Soccerverse is a community-driven, multiplayer football management simulator where you can become a manager, own a club, scout players, and much more. The game mimics the real-life soccer universe, where you keep exploring new features every time you play.

Soccerverse is built on the Xaya blockchain. Xaya allows developers to build decentralized, highly scalable, and robust games on its end-to-end blockchain solution. 

In Soccerverse, there are 300 completely decentralized clubs – each club is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The game feature more than 11,000 soccer players. Each of these players is an ownable Non-fungible token (NFT) – managers and agents can control these players.

We can buy shares in players and clubs, these shares can be traded in the in-game DEXs. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the players lighten up the stadiums and play their league matches. Cup or Shield matches, however, are played every Monday at 3 PM UTC. 

Back in May, Soccerverse was rebranded to this new name – previously known as Soccer Manager Elite, and the old beta version was running on a Unity client on Windows. Now, the developers have made the game available to every platform. You can now play the game on any web browser, whether it be desktop, mobile, or tablet.