Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

The chain-agnostic and open-source, decentralized gaming ecosystem, Xaya, will launch today its Ethereum-based token, Wrapped CHI. (WCHI) Autonomous Worlds Ltd, the company that initially developed Xaya, aims to bring interoperability to the platform and allow developers to build Game state processors (GSPs), mega-complex games within the Ethereum ecosystem. Xaya is also currently the only option …

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Join The TAURION Treasure Hunt Competition & Earn BIG!

taurion competition

Note: Article edited to add new data. New Prizes include NFTs from a variety of games and projects. The popular upcoming title Taurion is celebrating the public tech demo and kicks-off a massive competition for the players! Explore a huge open world in a fully decentralized & autonomous world, and win… BIG! Don’t forget to …

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XAYA Released Game Channels Technology

xaya game channels

The XAYA gaming blockchain breaks through with the use of Game Channels that are now available for any blockchain game developer! Game channels, as described by Daniel Kraft, are private channels that allow trusted off-chain transactions, and as a result, MMO gaming, parallel to the main chain. Being on the blockchain, Game Channels offer unparalleled …

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Meet Taurion – The New Crypto MMO Game by Xaya

Xaya, a popular gaming blockchain platform recently announced the new under-development title “Taurion” (Previously called Project X), a sandbox MMO crypto game that features a constantly evolving world. Join the Crypto Gaming Community, visit eGamers.io Telegram. From the released videos, we are confident that Taurion will be a great blockchain game that will set the …

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