Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum

The chain-agnostic and open-source, decentralized gaming ecosystem, Xaya, will launch today its Ethereum-based token, Wrapped CHI. (WCHI)

Autonomous Worlds Ltd, the company that initially developed Xaya, aims to bring interoperability to the platform and allow developers to build Game state processors (GSPs), mega-complex games within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Xaya is also currently the only option to develop completely decentralized, real-time games by taking advantage of Game Channel technology that allows for unlimited transactions per second whilst reducing blockchain bloat and fees.

The Xaya development team is fully ready for tomorrow’s launch.

As announced on the official medium blog, the Smart Contracts are audited and deployed on the Ethereum network.

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Xaya Launches WCHI Today on Ethereum 29

We reached out to Xaya for a quote and here’s what Andy Colosimo, founder of Xaya stated:

With wrapped CHI in the Ethereum ecosystem, a new, large and active audience will have the opportunity to discover Xaya’s cutting-edge technology for blockchain games. We believe that fully decentralized game universes will be the next step in blockchain gaming and NFTs; we’ve been working towards making this a reality for almost 8 years and we are really excited to share what we have developed with the crypto community.

Andy Colosimo, CEO of Autonomous Worlds Ltd.

Flowing to Ethereum and beyond.

WCHI marks a new era for the fully decentralized gaming platform as the native token will be accessible for trading in Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and automated liquidity pools like Uniswap. WCHI will significantly contribute to a more robust and healthier environment.

Other chains to follow?

While the Xaya team is and will continue focusing on Ethereum, it is possible to see more chain integrations in the future. The tech will get implemented onto Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains and beyond.

After all, WCHI is the first step for a complete cross-chain gaming ecosystem that offers a gaming technology that can handle high computationally complex games in a fully decentralized way that doesn’t compromise security.

Easy of use.

Today, users had to store XAYA in the electron wallet or the classic QT wallet.

With WCHI circulating on Ethereum, holding becomes much more accessible and “universal” across multiple different wallets such as MetaMask.

A Uniswap Liquidity Pool.

To begin with WCHI, Xaya will set up a liquidity pool on Uniswap with 0.3% of the trades commission going to those who provide liquidity. To incentivize this further, Xaya will add extra special in-game items from the MMO game, Taurion to the providers.

The Games on Xaya

Blockchain gaming isn’t something new for the Xaya team. In February 2014 they launched the world’s first blockchain and decentralized game Huntercoin as an experiment to demonstrate and test the possibilities of such a vision.

Currently, there are two main titles on the Xaya platform, Taurion, and Soccer Manager Elite.


Taurion is a fully decentralized sandbox MMO with resource mining, crafting, trading, and many more gameplay features. 

The map is a constantly evolving world, with in-game items which are acquired in a provably fair and transparent way. Players can trade almost everything in the truly player-driven economy that mimics the game EVE Online.

Visit Taurion website.

Soccer Manager Elite

SME is the decentralized version of the popular franchise of Soccer Manager, which boasts 100s of millions of downloads and active users. 

The beta version is a fully functional football management game with a decentralized economy that perfectly simulates the real world. 

You can become a shareholder of teams and players to receive dividends based on the performance. 

Try your luck as a manager, get paid every week, become a transfer agent, and find the next football star.

Visit Soccer Manager Elite.