Blockchain Brawlers is Live! The First Game by Wax

Blockchain Brawlers Game

Blockchain Brawlers, the most-awaited play-to-earn game on WAX is now live. The gamers and crypto enthusiasts will now be able to play and experience the exciting action of the ring. 

Blockchain Brawlers is the first-ever game by WAX Games Studio. Previously, many games were developed on the WAX Blockchain, but Blockchain Brawlers is the first official game developed by Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). 

The game was extremely popular and hyped in the community. Now that the game is finally being released, the community is now growing to a whole new level. 

Blockchain Brawlers has a whopping 30k followers on Twitter and Discord each. 

At first, they auctioned off the First 200 Founder’s Edition 1-of-1 Brawlers on Binance NFT marketplace and WAX Digital Auctions. In a nutshell, they were a huge success. 

Additionally, they auctioned another set of legendary packs such as Brawler and Ring Packs whose success was no different. 

For First Time Players

WAX Gaming Studio is excited to announce that Blockchain Brawlers the game’s browser experience will the best ever. They’re working day and night to make the game optimized for each of the supported browsers. 

Supported Browsers’ List:

Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Since the game is in beta mode as of now, they don’t officially support mobile devices at the time. 

Blockchain Brawlers: Gameplay

To play that game, what to need to have is at least one ring as an NFT, and a Brawler that’ll face the opponents. The Brawlers are categorized as the following:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

How many tokens ($BRWL) you earn per match depends on how rare the brawler is who you’re playing with. 

You can equip your brawlers with Gears that add new abilities to them. These Gears can be Steel Chairs that you can use to hurt your opponent that’ll eventually give you more BRWL in bonuses. 

You also have the chance to win Gold NFTs after a match. (More about Gold NFTs later in the article)

How to Progress and Level Up?

To progress in the game, you need to upgrade (CRAFT) your brawlers. All Brawlers and in-game items are craftable except for those who fall in the Legendary Category. 

To craft your Brawlers, you need to buy Gear that can be bought for BRWL and Gold NFTs. You also have the option to craft your fighting rings that look a whole new look to the game. 

Blockchain Brawlers: Roadmap (what more can you expect in the future?)

WAX Games Studio has officially announced the roadmap of Blockchain Brawlers for the next four quarters. 

They expect that game to be a huge success in the upcoming months. 

WAX Gaming Studio is intentionally not putting too many features in the game upon the release. They plan to analyze the player patterns and preferences in the game to learn more about what the players like and dislike. They are looking forward to taking requests and adding the most requested features in the game. 

To make sure that all the requests are converted into a reality, they are making a list of requests where they put the items in no particular order. With the passage of each quarter, all of the items listed on the quarterly list are planned to be added to the game. 

Note: Do keep in mind that the game developers reserve all the rights to add and remove any feature of the game. What gets added in the games also depends on the business as well. 

Quarterly Roadmap

They plan to add the following tweaks and features to the game. 

In Q2, Power Score Leaderboard, Players in the Narrative, Soundtracks for each Brawler, and Tournnamets for exclusive prices are planned by WAX. 

In Q3, they plan to add Deferred Listings, Pay-per-View Competitions, New Recipes for Crafting, and more features such as In-Game Selling & Buying. 

In Q4, they will add new features where you can Play In-Gym Training games, have access to Armories, and have an option to Bet on Yourself. They also plan to add Going vIRL in Q4 of 2022. 

Q1 (2023) 

In the first quarter of 2023, they will add Female Brawlers in the game along with Platinum Battletags. Royale Rumble, Handicap Match, Tag Team, and Hell in a Cell will also be added to the game by the first quarter of 2023.


The total volume of WAX is 9,371,641 WAX which is currently equivalent to 31,182,099. 

Their Top Selling NFTis Nature boy Ric Flair that’s worth 39,999 WAX as of 30 March 2022. The Market fee is fixed at 5%. 

Visit Blockchain Brawlers Website.