Blockchain Brawlers PvP Open Beta Is Live!

Blockchain Brawlers Game

Blockchain Brawlers announced yesterday that the game will enter open beta on September 20th, where players will be able to play in the most awaited mode, PvP. 

As of yet, the game was in the Mining Phase, where you could stake your NFT rings and Gear NFTs to win BRWL. Now, it is preparing to enter the next phase. 

Now that the game enters the next phase, Gear NFTs and Rings have no use case whatsoever. Also, they will be introducing a limited-time burn event and also a new crafting interface.

The players can also burn their extra NFTs; they will receive extra tickets and enhance their chances of winning one of the 50 Billion Dollar Swag Kits. This will be a limited-time event so start burning NFTs as soon as possible. 

On September 20th at 1:00 PM PST, the open beta will start, where you can test some awesome stuff offered by Blockchain Brawlers. However, there will be no tokens or NFTs will be awarded. The beta is still in the testing phase.

Now that the game is live, all the stats are reset. You can play the open beta via Steam, as they bring lots of bug fixes and performance improvements to the game, PvP being the main attraction.

Blockchain Brawlers and PvP

In Blockchain Brawlers, players try to bet, Flex, fold, increase their power meter, and fight hard as they try to bring their opponent’s power to zero. The PvP in Blockchain Brawlers is a poker-style card game where all of the above-mentioned stuff happens between opponents.

Read The Official Documentation On How Blockchain Brawlers PvP Works

Some new PvP elements are also included in this current beta round. Players that win a hand can choose a special attack and watch it take place in the ring. If you want to participate in the PvP Beta, you must have cards from 1 to 8. Also, at least one (1) Finisher and (1) Taunt along with a Common Attack.