Blockchain Cuties Universe Announces 9th Blockchain

Blockchain Cuties Universe Announces 9th Blockchain

We had previously talked about Blockchain Cuties and how it became the first GameFi project to run simultaneously on seven and later on eight blockchains.

We are here today to announce that Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) is now available across NINE blockchains! The team of Blockchain Cuties returned from Christmas and New Year’s holidays to reveal the name of the 9th blockchain.

The 9th blockchain is the OKX chain (OKC). OKC is an L1 blockchain built on Cosmos. It is an EVM and IBC-compatible chain that offers optimal interoperability and performance. OKC is famous across the industry for its low-fee transaction costs while handling up to 5,000 TPS for contract interactions using DPoS consensus.


In celebration of the 9th blockchain launched on BCU, the GameFi project announced an exclusive Launch NFT Presale

Take advantage of this, as seven unique Cutie types (NFT characters), will be available within the game from Jan. 12 to Feb. 12.

These NFT characters are limited in quantity, and some have rare genes which unlock unique and valuable breedable Tribute NFTs. Additionally, they pay homage to various meme and pop-culture pets.

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset on the blockchain with a unique identifier number and other meta-data. NFTs are the most secure and transparent method to distribute, trade, store, and track digital and physical assets. 

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