Blockchain Games Christmas Events 2020

Blockchain Games Christmas Events 2020

Find the Blockchain Games Christmas Events 2020 gathered in one place. Play to earn extra rewards on top of your gaming rewards through holiday events and giveaways.

War Riders Garage Tokens Giveaway.

Claim the garage ownership tokens as long as you have 1 NFT before Nov.30 in your wallet, regardless of the game.

These garage ownership tokes are super valuable in the world of Wasteland as drivers can use them to hide from the enemies and protect the BZN.

Join Discord & Don’t Leave until distribution:
Sign-up and play at least once following this link:

Arkane Network NFT Giveaway

Claim your Gingerbread Man NFT by Arkane Network and check out how easy it is to use the Arkane’s multi-wallet.

Coinmarketcap is Celebrating Christmas With Enjin NFT’s.

CoinMarketCap is giving away 100 limited edition, Enjin based NFT’s to users that participate in the Learn and Earn campaigns. 50 of these NFT’s will go to users who have previously participated in one of the campaigns while the other 50 are still up for grabs. The event ends on 22nd December.

Join one of the campaigns for a chance to earn extra NFT’s on top of the guaranteed campaign rewards.

Lost Relics Limited Edition NFT’s.

It is raining gifts at Lost Relics! NFT Outfits, Items, Weapons, and a Pet are available from 15th December till 31st December. Users can complete adventures to collect Kringle Koins to use them in the Santa’s Shop to purchase limited-edition NFT’s.

Play Now Lost Relics.

Blankos Mint Codintion.

A special Mint Condition Blanko will be available in the shop marked with 2020. These are going away on 31st December at 9 PM PST and never to be minted again.

Blankos Frostbyte Challenge

Blankos is giving away 1000 Frostbyte Blankos and Beanies through a 5-day active login. The event ends on December 22 at 4 PM, and every day counts as one entry.

Visit Now Blankos.

New to the Blankos game? Take a first look at the amazing gameplay.

Splinterlands And Gala Games $2400 Tournament

The Great Gala Gala New Year’s Eve tournament features a $2400 prize pool. The event will occur in two parts on 31st December, with high-value NFT prizes provided by Gala Games. 

Read More And Join.

Beat Skellimas at Kingdom Karnage

Every day of December, Kingdom Karnage players have a chance to beat Skellimas and add him to their deck.

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Enjin based multiverse game. The game provides a deck to all new players.

Play Now Kingdom Karnage.

Decentraland 3-Day Treasure Hunt

Decentraland is hosting a 3-day treasure hunt, where you can collect cool prizes. The event will be active on December 21–23.

Read More & Join.

Dark Country Christmas Bundle

Dark Country prepared for the holidays a special Christmas bundle with 16 default packs and a bonus.  

Visit Dark Country.

MOBOX 14 Days of Christmas

MOBOX is hosting a 14 days Christmas Giveaway on Twitter. You can claim a new prize every day. 

Visit The Giveaway.

Aldian Legends Christmas Giveaway

Aldian Legends is hosting a Christmas Giveaway featuring 25 Enjin backed NFT prizes. Complete some easy social steps and claim yours.

Join Now.

Grasshopper Farm Christmas Event

Grab reindeers and check out the leaderboards in the event hall! Participate in the battle and society quests to collect presents and get goodies just for completing the quest.

Find out more.

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