Blockchain Gaming Digest January 4-10/1/2020

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest January 4-10/1/2020. The first blockchain gaming weekly news digest of 2021. 

This week Galaxy Blocks is the most played gaming Dapp with almost 23,000 active players. Upland follows with more than 12,000 active users while Splinterlands sits in third place with more than 7,400 users. It is worth mentioning that Alien Worlds is a new game on the WAX blockchain that already counts more than 3,400 weekly users and holds the fourth place of most played blockchain games.

The Sandbox Pre-Season 0 is Coming With A Massive Play To Earn Boost

The first 1,000 users that complete the Pre-Season 0 objectives will earn 1,000 Sand Tokens each. The Pre-Season 0 event will last for 15 days featuring Sand and NFT prizes in 40 exclusive experiences to compete. The game will announce the exact date of the event soon.

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Claim A CoinMarketCap Enjin Based NFT

CoinMarketCap celebrates the end of a year and partnered up with Enjin to mint and Giveaway an NFT that says “good riddance” to 2020! 

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Two More Games Are Migrating to Matic Network


DeFi Crypto Collectible game Aavegotchi announced the migration to Matic Network due to the high Gass fees on the Ethereum network that makes the game not affordable for players. This also delays the game’s release that was scheduled for this week. Aavegotchi will announce a new roadmap soon.


TCG Blockchain game SkyWeaver which is already available at the early access phase, also announced that they are migrating to Matic Network to overcome the Ethereum network’s problems.

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Dark Country to Enable Heroes Staking

TCG game on the WAX blockchain Dark Country announced a new function in the game that enables Card burning and Staking. Starting on January 18, users will be able to Stake their reforged hero cards for rewards.

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Create NFT’s Without Gass Fees With OpenSea

OpenSea created the first NFT maker on the Ethereum network that allows anyone to mint NFT’s without paying Gass fees.

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Trading View Listed The IQN Gaming Cryptocurrency

Technical analysis platform Trading View now offers charts and tools for the gaming cryptocurrency IQN. 

IQN is the currency that handles the iQeon PVP platform economy. Players can compete in games and weekly tournaments for IQN rewards.

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NBA Top Shot Collectible Sold For $26,000

A Legendary LeBron James dunk sold on the NBA Top Shot marketplace for $26,543.

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Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming mobile RPG blockchain game featuring NFT’s and Play to Earn mechanics. The game will release this year and you can Pre-Register now to earn exclusive rewards.

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PS5 And Xbox Xs Giveaway For Winners in Chain Games Tournaments

Blockchain gaming platform “Chain Games” gives away 15 next-gen consoles to winners of the upcoming free to play tournaments. The prizes are 9 PS5s and 6 Xbox Xs.

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League of Kingdoms Main Sale

Due to the Ethereum Gass fee problems, League of Kingdoms will convert the main sale to a 2-Day Flash Sale. The first sale will be available on January 13 to compete with others for genesis continents on a Dutch Auction sale.

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Crop Bytes Latest Version

Farming Blockchain game Crop Bytes released the latest version of the game. Players can update the game now for a new gaming experience.

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