Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games to Watch

Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games
The blockchain (or crypto) game industry is immature, and some standards need to change. In this article, we will take a look at the current status of the Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games to watch.

At the moment, the most popular games are gambling or collectible ones running on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is bad for a game right now. Today Metamask suggested 100 Gwei for a single action in, a browser-based crypto game that I am not able to play more than a week now because of the high ethereum network fees.

After Cryptokitties, the world understood that gaming could change everything nowadays, having spent more than 15 years of my life as a hardcore gamer, I can safely say that the good old days are over. We won’t waste any more time on playing without getting rewarded. That’s the evolution that is coming to our world. New players can compete for real money and mine their tokens by playing mobile or PC games and making a living. I’m not telling you that we are going to be rich, but you can make a living.

From the Atari Saga to Cryptokitties, the world has experienced the unimaginable. Now, crypto and games make history. Games with independent Economy and every player participating in it, selling items for money, buying items for cash, upgrading, and selling again. A loop that it pays.

Crypto Gaming Platforms

If I start typing about all the gaming platforms available, I will need a couple of days.

ENJIN Recently published a new Ethereum Token Standard, the ERC-1155, which supports gaming projects, and solves some significant problems. BitGuild keeps evolving in Crypto Gaming with more and more games added in their catalog. Cryptocurrency Platforms are evolving the industry by providing the necessary technical know-how in the blockchain. In combination with high-skilled Gaming Developers & professionals, the results are fascinating, new great games are going to come, and the market will moon.

Big Players & Mass Adoption

Unity Engine has partnered with KIN Token, to bring cryptocurrency to gamers. Moreover, Enjin has also partnered with Unity. The Japanese Giant GMO is launching in-game Bitcoin Rewards, Ubisoft is mentoring start-ups in gaming, aiming to become the mother company of dozens of crypto games. This list could be endless as there is so much interest in Crypto Gaming by big corporations. You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to understand that gaming is changing.