Blockchain-Powered eSports Platform Moxy Reveals $100K Beta Challenge

Blockchain-Powered eSports Platform Moxy Reveals 0K Beta Challenge, a blockchain-based eSports platform, announced the launch of the Beta challenge with many exciting prizes, including cash, tokens, and collectibles!

Its name is the “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge, with users competing in eSports-style gaming to earn from a $100k prize pool, lots of $MOXY tokens, and NFTs., aka MOXY, is the first company to deliver on-demand eSports for all gamers. Last year, Dota 2 boasted a prize pool of $32.85M, showing how big of a business the competitive eSports industry is.

MOXY plans to elevate this fast-growing industry by enabling you and me to experience eSports gameplay with the help of blockchain technology. Additionally, MOXY intends to integrate popular games, allowing players to play an eSports-enabled version of their favorite releases and earn lucrative real-money prizes.

How to Participate and Challenge Details

First, players should sign up to participate in this unique challenge. (Be more than 21 years old) Create a Moxy Club account, complete the KYC, and then 1,000 MOXY testnet tokens will be automatically delivered to your account to face off with other eSports competitors.

In the Beta Challenge, players will have to win games against other players to collect points and progress through four “seasons.” When the 4th season ends, those at the summit of the Moxy leaderboard will receive prizes, including cash payouts (USDC), native MOXY tokens, and MOXY NFTs.

The value of each prize will be revealed in the Moxy platform’s official launch!